DE (Netherlocks) introduce micro gear box, manual valve

Dutch safety valve professional enterprise DE resistance (Netherlocks B.V) to design a kind of micro gear box can add online, to reduce the torque of the handwheel valve.It can be directly mounted to the valve, and don’t need to make any changes to the valve, and can be installed on online.

as is known to all, the valve will rise over time and wear, aging and tight.If is manual valve, the operation will be more and more difficult, dangerous, and affect the work efficiency.In this case, the simple solution is on valves equipped with a gear box, thereby lowering the standard of the handwheel torque – but most manual have a gate or globe valve gear box interface.Resistance from the new gear box made of 316 stainless steel, can be installed directly to the valve stem, and don’t need to make any changes to the valve itself.Based on

for more than 15 years of experience in mechanical interlocking application, resistance to developed a new adapter, the gearbox can be directly installed on the departure gate, without changing any valve parts, so as to realize non-stop online installation.The gear box, there are two wheel installation interface, a position can reduce the torque through the gears;The other is to keep the original torque.

about resistance,

as a member of the British homag group, DE resistance is the main supplier of the safety valve control system of the world.Company production of mechanical interlocking system, will be to minimize the risk of human error in the process of production and maintenance, these mistakes can lead to very dangerous, usually painful consequences.Ned’s product is very concise, easy to operate and design firm, even in extreme conditions, these characteristics can also ensure that the product to run effectively.At present, the company’s office is located in the heroic Beijing office.