Huazhong CNC cfo Wu Huazheng to resign

On July 17, Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., ltd. issued the announcement about the company’s chief financial officer resigned, announcement, the board of directors of the company recently received the company’s financial director Mr Wu Huazheng written resignation report, Mr Wu Huazheng for personal reasons apply resigned as director of the company’s financial position, Mr Wu Huazheng resigned, no longer any position as a company.Mr Wu Huazheng resignation since served shall take effect as of the date of the board of directors of the company.
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huazhong CNC controller Wu Huazheng
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it is reported that Mr Wu Huazheng not currently hold shares in the company with shares more than 5% of the holding company shareholders, actual controllers and other directors, supervisors and senior management personnel relationship, nor in the company’s shareholders, actual controllers, and other units.Mr Wu Huazheng as yet untouched by the China securities regulatory commission and other relevant departments of the disciplinary punishment and the stock exchange.
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Wu Huazheng, male, born in November 1979, Qingdao university of science and technology bachelor’s degree in accounting.Wu Huazheng, who used to work in the international big companies engaged in financial management, internal control management system, industrial accounting, performance evaluation, enterprise merger, acquisition and reorganization of relatively abundant management experience.
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seven years working in huawei technologies co., LTD., who work in the group management report, provide financial information support for the IPD process, support investment decisions and product life cycle management;Responsible for the company’s regional construction and group BI financial profit center, each responsibility center and high-level decisions for the company to provide financial evaluation and information industry, and participate in the company a number of major capital operation project;Responsible for the company’s accounting management of the overall information architecture planning, lead the team to participate in corporate level process innovation, develop an end-to-end process solutions and information system support.
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the chief accountant to huawei north African teams, responsible for north Africa certain 14 subsidiaries of financial management, and to provide certain 10 representative office management, financial management evaluation to assist business team to achieve business objectives.
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2012, the year 2012 by Huazhong CNC the eighth session of the board of directors temporary meeting examined and approved the ninth, for the company’s financial director appointed Mr Wu Huazheng, Wu Huazheng formal entry Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd.
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work resume:
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2003\/07-2004\/04 shenzhen neway manufacturing co., LTD., the accounting.
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2004\/04-2011\/04 successive merger, analysis manager, report manager platform program manager, accounting department BP&The IT department manager, north Africa region department chief accountant.
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2011\/04-2011\/10 big fellow hunan urban construction co., LTD., director of process information.
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2011\/10-2012\/05 broad technology group, vice minister of finance.
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