Machine tool manufacturers to develop the high-end machining center in Taiwan

we have learned, in Asia, excluding Japan, China Taiwan, mainland China, South Korea, India is speeding up to five axis machining center and other high-end multifunctional machine tool development and market investment.In mainland China with shenyang machine tool (group) and dalian machine tool group, South Korea doosan InfraCore and modern WIA two companies as the forerunner, India’s state-run HMT and corporation BFW (to produce 200 sets of various processing center), Jyoti (Huron company acquired France), TAL (machine tool division of TATA motors) several companies, the companies are involved in five-axis work center multi-function machine manufacturing, etc.

as a high-end machine tools of high technology crystallization, five-axis machining center requires a lot of research and development investment, large enterprise groups and the state-owned enterprises have certain advantages.Manufacturer of five axis machining center in Taiwan in overwhelming Numbers, there are 32 companies engaged in five-axis machining center.Taiwan area within 6000 ~ 8000 \/ min at the number of spindle of the vertical machining center, with China the competition is fierce, mainland area of competitive products in recent years in terms of quality and appearance design have a certain increase.

in recent years, the profitability and competitiveness of Taiwan machine tool are falling, in order to cope with fierce competition, many Taiwan machine tool manufacturers began to develop high-speed five-axis machining center, C five surface machining center and other high-end products.At present, the United States and Europe are the two big market of five axis machining center.Taiwan machine tool to improve the additional value, the key is not to solve technical problems, but marketing.Five axis high speed and high precision machining center can be widely used in communications equipment, aerospace parts, medical equipment and other fields.Cutting machine tool production in 2012, Taiwan, 41% processing center, CNC lathe (25%);Exports, 25% for machining center.In 2012, the main export region for China, the United States, Thailand, Turkey, India.