Qinghai “moving beam in one vertical ram, car milling compound machining center” successful development

through 3 years of technical research, used a machine to CNC machine tool co., LTD in the move beam in qinghai no ram vertical car milling compound machining center development success.The car milling compound machining center not only improves the machine tool industry in the aspect of compound machining center of research and development ability, and improve the market competitiveness of domestic high-grade CNC machine tools, to improve this kind of machine in our country totally dependent on imports of passive situation to provide the technical support.

to solve the problem of qinghai province high-grade, the bottleneck problem of compound key techniques of numerical control machine tool, to promote localization of high-end CNC machine tools, qinghai province in 2011 by the science of high-grade CNC machine key new product development in qinghai province key new product development project guidelines, shall be borne by the qinghai one CNC machine tool co., LTD. “moving beam vertical ram, car milling compound machining center development” project.According to company, head of the project team, project through the five linkage car milling compound machining center at home and abroad research, the key components in the numerical control technology and the host structure, the design on the basis of the organic combination of taking “overall design technology analysis – – a direct-drive technology application – the entire machine modeling analysis – key technology research of dynamic performance testing – weak link recognition – the structure optimization design – temperature control technology – prototype test for thermal deformation compensation – the engine performance evaluation -” research route, for direct-drive oscillating power tool rest, direct-drive turntable and other key features and the whole machine development.

at present, the company has to master vertical car milling compound machining center, hardware design dynamics optimization, nc direct-drive turntable design manufacturing technology and dynamic balance online detection technology, high precision oscillating power tool post optimization design, the thermal deformation compensation related to the machine reliability testing technology such as the core technology, complete car milling compound machining center prototype manufacturing, authorized three pieces of utility model patents, published 5 papers, make enterprise standard item 2, write the car milling compound machining center direct-drive oscillating system electromechanical coupling analysis report, such as report six sets of science and technology.