Shenyang aviation domestic longest five axis machining center successful delivery

5 month, shenyang machine tool industry department of aeronautics and astronautics a GMC25220u bridge type five-axis machining of pre-acceptance and deliver.The 22 m in length direction X domestic longest five axis machine tool is aviation equipment, with completely independent intellectual property rights of high-end products, from the signing of the contract to deliver it only took 3 months time.

“3 months delivery, because the customer need this product to pick up the order.”Aerospace industry group product manager qiao said.Northwest of the customer is old customer of shenyang machine tool, for aircraft manufacturers, more than 20 sets of shenyang machine tool equipment, this is the third time to buy heavy large five-axis shenyang machine tool equipment.Because of concerns that missed the time node, the customer request don’t get orders, customers want new equipment must be put into production in June.In the end of February, the aerospace industry group after 3 months the possibility of delivery of machine tool is discussed, the customer signed the order.

“dare to take the order, because we understand the real needs of customers.”A more than 10 years working experience, familiar with the product technical personnel as a key account manager, based in the northwest, provide professional service for the customer, including customer maintenance, development, research, and the equipment, including daily communication, inter-departmental coordination in all sorts of problems encountered in the use, help clients to achieve target market.”Nanny close-fitting service” for the aerospace industry group on the customer’s technical requirements, are familiar with machining parts.Know the customer’s intention, for some period longer purchased parts stock in advance.

now, the aerospace industry group 4 m and 6 m five axis machining center accounted for 80% of sales, but the aerospace field to manifest the trend of large-scale processing, since 2014, the department of product modularity, with minimal come together more and more individual parts of the specifications of the products, modular advantage in the emergency order.

modular production of modular design, assembly model implemented in parallel.Bridges, beams, skateboard, protection and so on five groups can be simultaneously installed, don’t need to order before after order, etc.Department after loading does not need assembly at the scene of the division of the workshop, but directly sent to customer site, where the “building blocks”.So “sure”, of course, first of all thanks to the quality of parts of “sure”, German manufacturing “brought about by the high quality high efficiency” concept, to ensure every part before assembly, preclude affect the possibility, performance and precision of the machine’s operation, unqualified parts will not enter the department will not enter the client site.”Technical maturity and we are sure to save the scene of the workshop assembly link. The important factors”Qiao said.Modular, after commissioning of the electrical parameters through optimizing the mature, at the same time, through the design tooling to ensure no deviation during assembly, these are effective to improve the quality of the final assembly, compressing the assembly cycle.Previously, a five-axis machining center production cycle is 8 to 10 months, modularity, production cycle can reduce two months on average.

although put forward three months when signing a single delivery condition, but when after 3 months so large machine tools at the scene of the customer, the customer is surprised to even say “I didn’t think really can!”