The 10th China international machine tool and mold exhibition (ninghai)

Morning of May 5, 2017 China (ninghai) exposition of intelligent manufacturing & ndash;& ndash;The 10th China (ninghai) international machine tool and mold exhibition opened at the international conference and exhibition center.Ninghai vice secretary of the county, the county magistrate Lin Jian, hong-fei wang, deputy head of visiting the exhibition.
according to introducing, this exhibition with & other;Focus on nc manufacturing throughout, intellectual & led industry development;As the theme, altogether has more than 600 booths, attract local and domestic and Europe and the United States and other places a total of more than 200 enterprises, is an advanced intelligent equipment and automation technology show event.Mould industry is one of the sea six characteristics of traditional industry, at present, the county has more than 500 professional mould manufacturer, mould processing and mould workshop more than 1500 enterprises, mold technicians 30000 people, the staff of about 50000 people, the annual production of mould nearly 50000 sets, total output value 8.5 billion yuan, is the sea county industrial economic development important force.Past

exhibitors booth Lin Jian line into several local and non-local companies booth, see exhibit ask, listen to the introduction, development, to the domestic and foreign exhibitors frontier dynamic details about industry development.He is especially concerned about the development of local enterprises, asking enterprises do enterprise idea, technological innovation, scientific research achievements transformation, etc.
Lin Jian points out, ningbo is construction & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Pilot demonstration city, yuan undertook the construction of mould manufacturing innovation center, promote development of auto industry and so on eight special pilot work.The county party committee county government has recently introduced to support the development of the second and the third industry policy.
the production enterprise to seize the opportunity, to speed up the perfect industrial system, expanding development platform, promoting the production of medium enterprise collaborative, realize the local mould enterprise standardization, scale development.To firmly establish a brand awareness, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, talent introduction and technical communication way, trying to break through the key core technology, create international well-known brand, make use of the brand effect to open, to build the market.To speed up the industrial agglomeration and the firewood high flame, yuan mold enterprise started early, fast, good development foundation and the key backbone enterprises should play a leading and exemplary role, to make good use of & other;Internet + & throughout;Carry out online, offline media concentration of diversified channels, continuously promote the sea mould industry chain, innovation, talent chain coupling.
(the original title: the 10th China (ninghai) international machine tool and mold exhibition) (source: ninghai news)