Autodesk: grasping of the trend of The Times Power made in China

Talk about many topics, made the future becomes a recent manufacturing when everyone still eager to talk about, Autodesk company has implemented fell to the ground the latest projects and achievements, depicts the future & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;The beautiful blueprint.In the 15th China international machine tool exhibition (

) 2017 (CIMT) on the international platform, dressed up autodesk to show not only its most advanced CAD\/CAM solution, depth interpretation of autodesk & other;Design & bull;Lead gen & bull.Throughout the future &;Vision and elegant demeanour, at the same time also to take this opportunity and media friends with autodesk on the future development trend of manufacturing technology in the field of manufacturing strategy carried out in-depth discussion.Autodesk company Asia Pacific
advanced manufacturing sales director Koji Tsujino Mr
grasp the future trend to keep pace with The Times
autodesk manufacturing exactly is what look like?Autodesk company Asia Pacific
advanced manufacturing sales director Koji Mr Tsujino and autodesk digital manufacturing area sales manager Mr Swim wave during the show and several manufacturing professional media had in-depth exchanges.Mr Koji Tsujino communication meeting to introduce you to the autodesk company current status and future development of the manufacture of strategic vision.He thought, as the production mode, changing user needs, intelligent degree and how to break the traditional production cycle and the process becomes especially important.In production process, adopts the better mode of production, realize the flexibility and the specialisation production, to the factory to conduct a comprehensive planning and layout, so that you can overcome the limitation of traditional scale economy, to large scale according to customer demand for personalized custom.And autodesk is trying to put the whole design and production process and final consumers to use feedback condition fully, to feedback the result of direct feedback to the design of front-end, which changes the previous linear very rigid, production process and cycle of the new process more flexible, more adaptive, this is the important part of the autodesk manufacturing future vision.
in the face of the rapid development of informatization and networking, autodesk has made the positive innovation and change.Koji said Mr Tsujino & other;To achieve that future manufacturing, we have to have a Platform, namely the autodesk Product Innovation Platform (the Product Innovation Platform).Such a product innovation platform is a highly integrated, highly interconnected and timely call, the customer can use this platform in a rapidly changing environment to highlight their competitive advantages in the industry.Eventually become a manufacturing enterprise to complete the product upgrades, and powerful weapon to future manufacturing.Throughout the &;
autodesk digital manufacturing area sales manager Mr Wave
initiative Integration of resources
autodesk how to actively implement the future manufacturing strategy?
as is known to all, over the years autodesk do a large number of mergers and acquisitions activity in manufacturing, in 2008 acquired autodesk Moldflow, 2014 completed the acquisition of Delcam for so many years since the autodesk has been acquired in the field of manufacturing, the manufacturing of more and more of the solution into the autodesk’s.Swim as headquarter said: & other;Autodesk acquisition of these companies to integrate their patent technology experience, the formation of a unified solution.We are now trying to build a factory of computing power.Way through the network, we want to be able to let users like electricity, water, gas, used directly to the factory to provide all kinds of production.Autodesk, of course, not only just have ideas, but have begun to do this product, this product is Fusion.Throughout the &;
when it comes to integration design and manufacturing integration in the cloud platform Fusion 360, swim said: & other;It is the only one that can run on the web end of CAD\/CAM\/CAE software.Fusion products bearing the autodesk to provide customers with the ability of the model in the future.It from a computer the product into the cloud, because only after to the cloud like electricity, water, gas, convenient and flexible to use, and computing power is no longer a local computer ability, but more is the cloud capability, greatly improve the efficiency of our calculation.Simulation, we can see or do large capacity calculation, usually may require more than one hour, or even ten hours, and even the time of day calculation.If wrong, you also have to update, there will be a lot of work, so that we can in this way, gradually elevate the efficiency of the operation.Our products can be attention, this is our path, but now can’t happen overnight, affirmation is a process.Throughout the &;Power manufacture wisdom to win the future
Autodesk next strategic focus!

& other;Insist on innovation, and close cooperation with the customer & rsquo;Achievement the autodesk today’s brilliant, in the face of the rapid development of informatization, network, digital, autodesk has made the positive innovation and change.Autodesk has always firmly grasp the development trend of the industry development needs, and technology, and gradually accumulated in the field of manufacturing full range of solutions, to help customers keep pace with The Times, grasp the new business opportunity.When it comes to the autodesk next strategic focus, Koji, says Mr Tsujino autodesk has been very positive to invest, bought a lot of experienced software company, to be able to integrate their patent technology experience, forming a unified solution.We have been the focus of the next, or of the challenges facing is how to implement the interconnection of factories, interconnection of the workplace.We hope that by autodesk full range of solutions in the field of manufacturing, especially in the increase of material manufacturing of advanced technology, can for enterprises to set up a supply chain upstream and downstream user accessible, convenient and efficient communication and collaboration platform.More importantly, we believe that the autodesk could help China & lsquo;Internet + & rsquo;And & lsquo;China smart & rsquo;The practice, support & lsquo;Made in China 2025 & rsquo;As soon as possible.Throughout the &;
(the original title: autodesk: get a head start, steadily towards the future manufacturing) (source: international metal processing network)