I5 five axis machining center at higher education exhibition Thumb up six major bright spot

On May 25th (today), the three-day 49th session of national higher education equipment exhibition in shenyang international exhibition center.Shen machine (Shanghai) research and design of intelligent system co., LTD., show sharing & other;I5 manufacturing & throughout;And & otherI5 training & throughout;The latest result of the two areas.Booth number for E11 in E1 hall.
exhibitive platform
point a: cloud manufacturing laboratory
cloud manufacturing network laboratory is shen machine co., LTD. (Shanghai) research and development of intelligent system design research and development of a new, practical, affordable, comprehensive teaching is based on the teaching features of nc professional school, combining with the actual demand of enterprise development has the function of production and teaching laboratories.It consists of teaching machine tool equipment, numerical control terminal equipment, network equipment maintenance tools, nc machining tool, numerical control, numerical control teaching materials.Cloud manufacturing network laboratory
highlight 2:
test bench lathe
new feel of touch screen operation experience;Accurate control algorithm;Open the EtherCat bus communication mode;The large capacity storage;The system has the function of a variety of processing.
test bench lathe
point three:
the amount of full digital control milling machine test bench;Idea advanced interpolation algorithm;Precise bidirectional pitch compensation technology;Micro line smooth compression;Real-time 3 d simulation technology.Milling machine
experimental units of
highlights four: five axis machining center
five axis machining center experiment system emphatically, institutions of higher learning from nc professional teaching requirements, to cultivate students’ ability as the main line, at the same time, the basic theory of validation makes every effort to achieve the combination of teaching and practice.Allow students to firmly grasp the basic principle, improve the beginning ability, at the same time, to understand the structure of the nc machine tools, CNC bus communication mode, parts processing technology analysis, the workpiece clamping and cutting tool related knowledge, cultivating ability of mastering various technical personnel.

five axis machining center experimental system such as the development of CNC system, CNC machine tools installation and debugging, numerical control machine tool service, CNC programming and operation, etc., provide students with a broader platform of employment.
point five: robot training units
i5 robot training specifically for schools, colleges and universities and training institutions to provide real programming experience in the classroom, low cost, highly modular, and to provide a complete software package, used to teach the robot application technology foundation knowledge and basic operation.
i5 robot training unit
i5 robot training unit including content: the operation of the industrial robot;The design of industrial robots and control principle;The design of industrial robot parts unit and control principle;Off-line programming unit;Industrial robot parts unit safety and maintenance;System integration of the industrial robot.
point six: the MBL series veneer veneer is a series of
the MBL to your original idea quickly open embedded computing platform, large output and can be applied to a wide range of industrial applications.Its carrying function very much, whether in robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, machine vision, smart home, 3 d printing, electronic kanban, smart cars, college\/vocational education, project development, Ethercat engineering application, and even to the Internet of things (IOT), and other fields, the MBL series of veneer are customers perfect solution options.
the MBL veneer
national higher education equipment exhibition after more than 20 years of development, become a field of higher education for the longest time, the largest and strongest professional brand exhibition, was founded in the autumn of 1992, has been successfully held for 48, 2015 national higher education equipment exhibitions by the ministry of commerce and other;The ministry of commerce to guide support throughout the exhibition &;.
(the original title: i5 five axis machining center debut exhibition of higher education Six highlights revealed that the plot in advance), (source: shen machine (Shanghai) research and design of intelligent system co., LTD.),