CIMT2017 exhibition service will be fully upgraded

One of the world’s great CIMT2017 on April 17th in Beijing China international exhibition center (new) gong opening!The theme of this exhibition is & other;New requirements & bull;New supply & bull;New & throughout;.Exhibition service upgrade has been in recent years, the organizers of China machine tool industry association actively advocating and implementing an exhibition upgrade content of hard, in the CIMT exhibition, the exhibitors and visitors will experience from the following aspects of various services and security work of the positive changes.CIMT2017 exhibition service will be fully upgraded 1. Information services through the untiring efforts of the organizers, this exhibition had the new promotion information service level.The exhibitors exhibitors manual provided by the network;The audience can through the network, WeChat pre-registration, text messaging and so on a variety of ways, achieve efficient entry;Completed a new revision of the exhibition design.At the same time, to upgrade the pavilion communications facilities, phone calls and Internet signal for the expansion, the E1 – E4 pavilion, W1 – W4 pavilion, each login hall and nest have free wi-fi connection.2. Media services we have & other; in the pavilionNews center & throughout;.The press center will set the necessary access to the Internet, fax and other hardware equipment, and provide the latest promotional information, provide convenience for publicity of the media friends work.The press center will also contribute to accept the exhibitors, in China’s machine tool industry association website, WeChat, the exhibition express and other media to release the exhibition and display the latest information.3. Public security, fire control, safety work to guarantee the public security fire safety, the main host in Beijing under the guidance and supervision of public security, fire control, safety administration, installation construction and hen, according to the relevant provisions of the deployment from pavilion, etc. All the work.4. Free traffic and parking during the exhibition, the host will arrange 1 the free shuttle bus to the new, both starting point for & other;Suburb north station & throughout;.The audience can take the subway line 5 in & other;Suburb north station & throughout;Get off, from the outbound port B, about 30 meters left by bus starting point.At the same time to arrange a free shuttle buses, shuttling between P6 parking lot (yu feng road, free parking lot) and new between both.China international exhibition center (new) a total of seven gate in and out of the stadium.Within and around a total of 4 parking lot, respectively is: P3 parking lot (west pavilion in charge for parking), P4 parking (Michael school east pavilion northward external force free parking), P5 parking (pavilion north gate former E5 house seat free parking), P6 parking free parking) (yu feng road.And details, please refer to CIMT show CMTBA WeChat subscription number.5. The dining and living reception after coordination and hard work, the pavilion around the accommodation and catering and other conditions have been improved, will also be in the region of the temporary pavilions add some catering station, free water and the bathroom, provide more convenient service for you.(the original title: in CIMT2017 free wi-fi is no longer expect) (source: China machine tool industry association)

Qiqihar equipment manufacturing machine industry and plastic industry

as the northeast old industrial base, in the equipment manufacturing industry, we have countless honors.Excessive magnificence washed, regardless of history, how in the rapid development of market economy to further speed up the pace of enterprise development today?Accelerate product upgrading transformation?Improve enterprise technical core competence?Facing one of the more difficult & otherCrack & throughout;, crane equipment manufacturing industry in the city of out a new way.

last year, qiqihaer city established 12 key industrial projects, among them, the equipment manufacturing industry of the whole machine, with its solid foundation and bold innovation reform has achieved good results.Since 2016, qiqihaer city, a total of 46 equipment manufacturing machine project implementation, with a total investment of 1.324 billion yuan, effectively curb the continuous decline situation of the equipment manufacturing industry.

leaving the historical burden, changing the concept of backward thinking, break the enterprise system and mechanism is not living obstacles & hellip;& hellip;Choice and change again and again for a string of encouraging Numbers.In the first half of this year, the city’s equipment manufacturing enterprises realize the output value of 6.778 billion yuan on the whole machine gauge, up 57.88% from a year earlier.

, the predecessor of qiqihar first qi heavy nc machine tool plant, is China’s machine tool industry large key backbone enterprise and industry pioneer, is known as one of the 18 arhats factory.Under the circumstances of machine tool industry market recession, this was rewarded by the state council, and otherOld & throughout;Actively adjust the product structure, strengthen product innovation, further improve enterprise’s core competitiveness.

& other;Let’s now see this & lsquo;Big guy & rsquo;Is our customer production for the United States, because the volume is too big, so, step by step, to remove the transport now see is part of the other has been carted away.Throughout the &;Neat heavy nc feature factory director zhao yan said, pointing to a monster.

, originally this & other;Big guy & throughout;Called CNC gantry mobile processing center, takes 2 years to complete.& other;Could say that this machine tools represents the country’s most advanced production level, its production is a very important step towards the international market, we condensed the neat all the efforts of weight, is also our pride!Throughout the &;Zhao yan said proudly.

in improving the quality of products at the same time, his heavy CNC and great effort on extension industry chain, & other;The remote service & throughout;Is the launch of their new project.& other;Take out a cellular phone to see machine tools of various operation parameters, not only convenient for customers to use, which link is wrong, we can also tell the customer the first time.Throughout the &;Technical director Sun Yongge to reporters about the company is how to strengthen the customer service.Today, the company research and development of remote operations system test has been completed, with the business operating conditions, international machine tool exhibition show in Beijing and get the experts.In & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;And & other”Service & throughout;The two-wheel driven by his heavy CNC the & other;Old & throughout;Has stepped onto a new journey!

‘s heavy CNC turn that is not an accident, after equipment manufacturing machine industry establishment, qiqihaer city accelerated the pace of development of equipment manufacturing industry cluster, and further intensify the support service to industrial cluster core enterprise, the key to build the weight as the core of major technical equipment in China, with the car’s car companies as the core of rail transportation equipment, with his heavy CNC and qi 2 machine tool as the core of high-end CNC machine three industrial clusters.In addition,

qiqihaer city has also established machine, industrial chain, a heavy around China, established a complete system of the local, into 17 supporting enterprises, make local matching rate from 20% to 35%.In & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Under the strategic implications of qiqihaer city also traditional manufacturing enterprises to push & other;Five throughout the &;Transformation and upgrading, the establishment of the five engineering project, and reserve the 33 items of enterprises of 19 families, declare national special intelligent project 3, greening project 7, 5 service project.

one of the effective measures to guide enterprises to high-end product research and development in old and new kinetic energy conversion.Today, nuclear power equipment, military naval gun, aluminum ingots, milling machine, high-speed rail crane, heavy horizontal boring machine and so on one batch of high value-added products has gradually open the market.In the tide of a new round of the revitalization of northeast old industrial base, crane equipment manufacturing industry of the whole machine, should be so!

Wuxi binhu district government service enterprises from the “government catering” change order “enterprise”

how can give accurate service, fundamentally for enterprise & otherEnquiring & throughout;?How to market vigor & other;Multiplication & throughout;Stimulate the enterprise benefit & otherAddition & throughout;?Yesterday morning, jiangsu Wuxi binhu district district Chen Xilun tied into the enterprise Wuxi Best Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, to make & other;The masses, enterprises have a warm heart look forward, cadres have strength & throughout;As the goal, launch & other;Defiled the prosperous common people strong, union enterprise area & throughout;Visit, for the enterprise development difficult to melancholy.

as the beginning of the year just devoted himself to the new force of the capital market, best equipped with CNC CNC integrated machine more than 100 sets, with annual output of five hundred thousand sets of various types of chassis shell and the large processing line technology and equipment of turnkey project contracting capacity, imported Italian COORD3 series three coordinate measuring machine, the British Taylor roundness instrument, roughness meter etc., as for the product to provide first-class detection means of industry leading enterprises.& other;We always adhere to the forefront, has built high degree of intelligent, using intelligent robot, automatic production line, along with supporting the use of imported precision processing, testing equipment, make the enterprise production level up a new step.Throughout the &;The company’s chairman cao yu hua to Chen Xilun introduces the development of the company, he thought how to successfully from listed companies this & other;Inflection point & throughout;And expand more new business, is that they present & otherThe focus throughout the &;.

in the context of the global economy downward, a steady stream of orders come from?& other;We will strive to build this year big platform of civil-military integration, to promote the great development of domestic enterprises.Throughout the &;In the face of firm growth & otherTrouble & throughout;, Chen Xilun think, open & other;Technology market & throughout;Is increased technical achievement commercialization channels, he revealed the lakeside to & other;Science and technology major market throughout the &;Model, build cooperation between research institutions and enterprises & other;Bridge & throughout;, help more enterprise channels to find partners.

& other;Lakeside has more than 20 scientific research units, at present we have investigated a baseline of these units, the next will be held in seminars and other forms, these two forces will be gathered, promote the privatization of military production.Throughout the &;In Chen Xilun view, be a good for enterprise services & otherThe bartender & throughout;To enterprise & other;Order & throughout;After the government & other;Order & throughout;.Next, he says, lakeside will further intensify efforts to give more credit enterprise & other;Package & throughout;& other, truly, truly, for enterprise’s development;Gas & throughout;.This word makes more confident cao yu hua, he offered to further boost confidence, take the initiative to grasp the opportunity, dig entrepreneurial potential, to improve enterprise core competitive ability, working hard to blaze a new path of development.

The 13th tianjin machinery expo opened on August 11 The laser manufacture cutting-edge technology field

, with the deepening of the integration of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, the industry pattern of manufacturing industry to accelerate the refactoring, beijing-tianjin-hebei places are gradually formed complementary advantages, promote the integration of industrial structure, combined with the core of beijing-tianjin-hebei heavy industrial markets in north China into the deep adjustment and development stage.Sponsored by the global exhibition comprehensive service provider zhenwei shares the 13th China (tianjin) international machinery industry equipment fair (hereinafter referred to as: tianjin machinery expo), August 11-14, 2017, held in tianjin meijiang convention and exhibition center.Tianjin machinery expos, which is based on the equipment manufacturing industry of tianjin market, display in recent years, high-end technology and products in the field of industrial machinery and equipment, service industry market development in northern China, boost industrial manufacturing to develop in the direction of industrialization, intelligent, informatization.

service the northern industrial market more than

300 manufacturing enterprises group purchasing association of tianjin machinery exhibition (

) is an international exhibition organizers international brand exhibition industry (UFI) certification, is also the largest events in the tianjin won this award for the first.Tianjin machinery expo industrial market deeply, insight into industry development, with the north China aerospace, rail transportation, automotive equipment, port terminals, electronic information and food and beverage industry procurement requirements, fine division of metal processing, industrial automation, laser manufacturing, welding and hardware, and other galleries, CNC machine, punching machine, grinding machine, laser cutting, laser welding, automation, inspection measuring instrument, such as technology and equipment, display equipment more than 1000 sets, more than eighty percent of the equipment with independent intellectual property rights, by the purchaser’s attention at home and abroad, and Daimler, Otis, samsung, too, in the Great Wall, the Chinese heavy industry, petroleum equipment, Coca-Cola, foxconn, master kong, tsinghua university and so on more than 300 enterprise groups to purchase.

industry pattern adjustment leading machine tool equipment needs of exhibitors and


leading enterprises such as the United States haas otherOne Belt And One Road & throughout;Strategic guidance to the development of China’s industrial, represented by China’s high-speed rail heavy industry in the global market opportunities, in & other;Integration of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region & throughout;Under the plan, enter the depth adjustment on China’s industrial manufacturing, tianjin positioning for the research and development of advanced manufacturing base by the state, the bellwether cities become the national industrial development.As an important show service heavy industrial markets in north China platform, the 13th tianjin machinery expo, the bearing industry found that demand, attracted a large number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad.America haas, shenyang machine tool, shandong forever China, shenghua hengfeng, inscription, forging, and other enterprises will show nc machine tools, horizontal machining center, gantry machining center, hydraulic presses and other equipment and technology.

American haas, as one of the world’s largest manufacturer of CNC machine tools, dedicated to the production of a series of CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, rotary table and 5 c indexers.Haas products consistent commitment to Gene Mr Haas’s rigorous style, create a higher accuracy and better repeatability and durability of the machine tool products, welcomed by China’s industrial market.As the world’s top 10 CNC machine suppliers, for five consecutive years at tianjin machinery expo, highlights the vast market space in China north industries.

collection top laser technology to make laser manufacturing development pomp

with the adjustment of industrial structure, represented by information integration and laser manufacturing of advanced manufacturing technology, with its high efficiency and low cost and so on outstanding advantage, win the market, more and more wide application in the manufacturing space.13th tianjin machinery expo comply with the demand of industry development, attracting, family bond, macro mountain, the newsletter radium, bystronic di can, dapeng, nearly 100 famous laser companies such as super fast at present, some enterprises of product represents the highest level in the development of laser industry in recent years.Rapid laser laser independent research and development of lithium battery production, vacuum cup, such as 3 c industry launched and customize automatic welding and cutting “production line to fill the blank of domestic laser manufacturing line.The 13th tianjin machinery expo

, the focus in the industry development, is committed to intelligent manufacturing, high-end machinery equipment manufacturing, and the equipment manufacturing industry to provide a global international high-end display platform, set the brand exhibition, technology exchange and trade cooperation, publicity and promotion, international discussion at an organic whole, has grown into China’s equipment manufacturing industry to understand market trends, the latest release information window and the authority of the platform production enterprises purchase equipment and raw materials.