CIMT2017 exhibition service will be fully upgraded

One of the world’s great CIMT2017 on April 17th in Beijing China international exhibition center (new) gong opening!The theme of this exhibition is & other;New requirements & bull;New supply & bull;New & throughout;.Exhibition service upgrade has been in recent years, the organizers of China machine tool industry association actively advocating and implementing an exhibition upgrade content of hard, in the CIMT exhibition, the exhibitors and visitors will experience from the following aspects of various services and security work of the positive changes.CIMT2017 exhibition service will be fully upgraded 1. Information services through the untiring efforts of the organizers, this exhibition had the new promotion information service level.The exhibitors exhibitors manual provided by the network;The audience can through the network, WeChat pre-registration, text messaging and so on a variety of ways, achieve efficient entry;Completed a new revision of the exhibition design.At the same time, to upgrade the pavilion communications facilities, phone calls and Internet signal for the expansion, the E1 – E4 pavilion, W1 – W4 pavilion, each login hall and nest have free wi-fi connection.2. Media services we have & other; in the pavilionNews center & throughout;.The press center will set the necessary access to the Internet, fax and other hardware equipment, and provide the latest promotional information, provide convenience for publicity of the media friends work.The press center will also contribute to accept the exhibitors, in China’s machine tool industry association website, WeChat, the exhibition express and other media to release the exhibition and display the latest information.3. Public security, fire control, safety work to guarantee the public security fire safety, the main host in Beijing under the guidance and supervision of public security, fire control, safety administration, installation construction and hen, according to the relevant provisions of the deployment from pavilion, etc. All the work.4. Free traffic and parking during the exhibition, the host will arrange 1 the free shuttle bus to the new, both starting point for & other;Suburb north station & throughout;.The audience can take the subway line 5 in & other;Suburb north station & throughout;Get off, from the outbound port B, about 30 meters left by bus starting point.At the same time to arrange a free shuttle buses, shuttling between P6 parking lot (yu feng road, free parking lot) and new between both.China international exhibition center (new) a total of seven gate in and out of the stadium.Within and around a total of 4 parking lot, respectively is: P3 parking lot (west pavilion in charge for parking), P4 parking (Michael school east pavilion northward external force free parking), P5 parking (pavilion north gate former E5 house seat free parking), P6 parking free parking) (yu feng road.And details, please refer to CIMT show CMTBA WeChat subscription number.5. The dining and living reception after coordination and hard work, the pavilion around the accommodation and catering and other conditions have been improved, will also be in the region of the temporary pavilions add some catering station, free water and the bathroom, provide more convenient service for you.(the original title: in CIMT2017 free wi-fi is no longer expect) (source: China machine tool industry association)