Qiqihar equipment manufacturing machine industry and plastic industry

as the northeast old industrial base, in the equipment manufacturing industry, we have countless honors.Excessive magnificence washed, regardless of history, how in the rapid development of market economy to further speed up the pace of enterprise development today?Accelerate product upgrading transformation?Improve enterprise technical core competence?Facing one of the more difficult & otherCrack & throughout;, crane equipment manufacturing industry in the city of out a new way.

last year, qiqihaer city established 12 key industrial projects, among them, the equipment manufacturing industry of the whole machine, with its solid foundation and bold innovation reform has achieved good results.Since 2016, qiqihaer city, a total of 46 equipment manufacturing machine project implementation, with a total investment of 1.324 billion yuan, effectively curb the continuous decline situation of the equipment manufacturing industry.

leaving the historical burden, changing the concept of backward thinking, break the enterprise system and mechanism is not living obstacles & hellip;& hellip;Choice and change again and again for a string of encouraging Numbers.In the first half of this year, the city’s equipment manufacturing enterprises realize the output value of 6.778 billion yuan on the whole machine gauge, up 57.88% from a year earlier.

, the predecessor of qiqihar first qi heavy nc machine tool plant, is China’s machine tool industry large key backbone enterprise and industry pioneer, is known as one of the 18 arhats factory.Under the circumstances of machine tool industry market recession, this was rewarded by the state council, and otherOld & throughout;Actively adjust the product structure, strengthen product innovation, further improve enterprise’s core competitiveness.

& other;Let’s now see this & lsquo;Big guy & rsquo;Is our customer production for the United States, because the volume is too big, so, step by step, to remove the transport now see is part of the other has been carted away.Throughout the &;Neat heavy nc feature factory director zhao yan said, pointing to a monster.

, originally this & other;Big guy & throughout;Called CNC gantry mobile processing center, takes 2 years to complete.& other;Could say that this machine tools represents the country’s most advanced production level, its production is a very important step towards the international market, we condensed the neat all the efforts of weight, is also our pride!Throughout the &;Zhao yan said proudly.

in improving the quality of products at the same time, his heavy CNC and great effort on extension industry chain, & other;The remote service & throughout;Is the launch of their new project.& other;Take out a cellular phone to see machine tools of various operation parameters, not only convenient for customers to use, which link is wrong, we can also tell the customer the first time.Throughout the &;Technical director Sun Yongge to reporters about the company is how to strengthen the customer service.Today, the company research and development of remote operations system test has been completed, with the business operating conditions, international machine tool exhibition show in Beijing and get the experts.In & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;And & other”Service & throughout;The two-wheel driven by his heavy CNC the & other;Old & throughout;Has stepped onto a new journey!

‘s heavy CNC turn that is not an accident, after equipment manufacturing machine industry establishment, qiqihaer city accelerated the pace of development of equipment manufacturing industry cluster, and further intensify the support service to industrial cluster core enterprise, the key to build the weight as the core of major technical equipment in China, with the car’s car companies as the core of rail transportation equipment, with his heavy CNC and qi 2 machine tool as the core of high-end CNC machine three industrial clusters.In addition,

qiqihaer city has also established machine, industrial chain, a heavy around China, established a complete system of the local, into 17 supporting enterprises, make local matching rate from 20% to 35%.In & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Under the strategic implications of qiqihaer city also traditional manufacturing enterprises to push & other;Five throughout the &;Transformation and upgrading, the establishment of the five engineering project, and reserve the 33 items of enterprises of 19 families, declare national special intelligent project 3, greening project 7, 5 service project.

one of the effective measures to guide enterprises to high-end product research and development in old and new kinetic energy conversion.Today, nuclear power equipment, military naval gun, aluminum ingots, milling machine, high-speed rail crane, heavy horizontal boring machine and so on one batch of high value-added products has gradually open the market.In the tide of a new round of the revitalization of northeast old industrial base, crane equipment manufacturing industry of the whole machine, should be so!