More than hundred German corporate war CIMT2017 high-grade equipment emerge in endlessly

April 17 solstice 22, as China’s machine tool industry is the most important trade show, the 15th China international machine tool exhibition held in Beijing.In this exhibition, about two hundreds of German company show the enterprise strength, and brought about the industrial under 4.0 times of advanced products, solutions and services.China international machine tool exhibition in 2017, the German pavilion crowded area for a German machine tool enterprise, the enterprise representatives and the audience talk German machine tool manufacturers’ association (VDW) economic minister haarde & middot;Hine (Gerhard Hein) on April 18, said at a news conference in participating in the German companies, some of them won the German federal economic affairs and the department of energy’s support, in the German pavilion pavilion (Germany), the rest of the enterprise on its own exhibition pavilion (Germany).Their booth net area a total of more than 8000 square meters, become the largest foreign countries on the exhibition pavilion.He pointed out that: & other;This confirmed the German manufacturer will China as the most important export destination firm commitment.Not only do they think of themselves as supplier, also sees itself as a partner.In & lsquo;Made in China 2025 & rsquo;Under the framework of China is under the background of vigorously promote manufacturing quality, German technical expertise is not only worth the global operations of large enterprises to actively use, small and medium enterprises can also benefit a lot from it.Throughout the &;Germany advanced machine tool technology, represent the innovation, quality and reliability.German machine tool company has accumulated rich technical experience, also has the international industrial users, one of the most important is the automobile industry and their parts suppliers, as well as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering industry, metal processing industry, aircraft and rail vehicle manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, medical industry, etc.In the 15th China international machine tool exhibition, the German pavilion, many German machine tool manufacturers will highly intelligent assembly line into the exhibition hall, can let the audience see visually industrial robots live on pipeline operation.It is worth mentioning that several of the German machine tool enterprises is also leading supporter of German industrial 4.0 strategy and core members, and each enterprise under the industrial age 4.0 production and management mode are different.As a result, the press conference on April 18, three German machine tool enterprises 4.0 representatives introduced their respective industry solutions.Germany, for example, through fast group had more customized production according to the need of future customer area for a German machine tool enterprise, the enterprise representatives and the audience.Development trend of the product, make sure the new industrial mode will be information and production status of transparent, rely on decreasing for labor, and manufacturing to the company’s industrial solutions determined to be 4.0 & other;Manufacturing & throughout;.To this, haarde & bull;Digital networked production, Mr Hain says, and can be used to challenge and opportunity coexist in industrial 4.0 solutions.In the full coverage of the whole order processing process automation and process troubleshooting, there is a huge potential.& other;We can imagine, using comprehensive network solutions to achieve double-digit growth efficiency, help them stay ahead of the competition.But this is the basic precondition of capture and analysis of mechanical and process data.To this end, we need from mechanical equipment series of flexible IT infrastructure to the cloud platform, to ensure that even smaller manufacturing companies can afford IT.In this respect, however, still exists some obstacles, including unresolved or has not been unified production network problems, such as interface standardization, data security, the sovereignty, responsibility, staff skills, labor legislation, etc.Throughout the &;Mr Hain said.(the original title: exhibitors made landfall in Germany in 2017 China international machine tool exhibition) (source: Beijing weekly)