Tianjin machine fair service north heavy industry market

With the deepening of the integration of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, the industry pattern of manufacturing industry to accelerate the restructuring, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industry, promote the orderly industrial transfer to undertake, to build advanced manufacturing base of the construction of the industrial integration platform is imminent.A few days ago, sponsored by the tianjin zhenwei exhibition co., LTD., the 13th tianjin machinery expo expo) (hereinafter referred to as tianjin machine in meijiang convention center.The exhibition, which is based on the equipment manufacturing industry of tianjin market, shows in recent years, the high-end products and technology in the field of industrial machinery and equipment, makes every effort to promote the development of industrial markets in north China.Load demand at home and abroad enterprises to actively participation as an important show service heavy industry in north China market exchange platform, the bearing industry found that demand, tianjin machinery expo has attracted a large number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad.Shenyang machine tool, shandong forever China, baoji machine tool, a Beijing, shenghua hengfeng, inscription, forging machine tool enterprises shows the nc machine tools, horizontal machining center, gantry machining center, hydraulic presses and other equipment and technology.Highlighting the expo platform effect, international business field.From the United States, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions of nearly thousand well-known brands at present.Among them, the United States haas as one of the world’s largest manufacturer of CNC machine tools, the global top 10 CNC machine suppliers, for five consecutive years at tianjin machine expo, embodies the vast market space in China north industries.Comply with the demand of manufacturing industry development in recent years, the exhibition attracted a great nation, bond, macro mountain, such as rapid laser nearly hundred famous laser enterprises at present, some enterprises of product represents the highest level in the development of laser industry in recent years.Industry segments numerous buyers pay close attention to tianjin machine expo industrial manufacturing industry chain, fine division of the metal processing, CNC machine tools, metal molding, sheet metal, welding and laser hardware, industrial automation, and other professional exhibition, exhibition equipment more than 2000 sets.More than eighty percent of the equipment with independent intellectual property rights, the attention of many buyers.Deal with auto equipment, aerospace, biomedical, ports and other research and development of advanced manufacturing bases construction need, exhibitors at the high-end CNC machine tools, metal molding equipment, the forging\/rolling technology and equipment, such as power base construction and development.With the adjustment of industrial structure, represented by information integration and laser manufacturing of advanced manufacturing technology, with its high efficiency and low cost such outstanding advantages, more and more wide application in the manufacturing space.Into the pavilion, many enterprises of laser manufacturing site equipment & other;T & throughout;To show equipment more than 1000 sets.& other;In recent years, laser equipment gradually popularization, many companies will use laser cutting machine, customers also increased year by year, aerospace, medical equipment, kitchen utensils and appliances and other industries, have our cooperation.Throughout the &;Bystronic di can laser the relevant person in charge of Beijing branch ShenLin said, & other;Because the use of laser cutting, as long as have graphics, anytime, anywhere can operation, compared with the traditional way not only to eliminate the previous many working procedure, will also be able to replace artificial, save some cost.Throughout the &;& other;The exhibition is to hope to be able to cope with the tianjin automobile equipment, aerospace, biomedical, ports and other research and development of advanced manufacturing bases construction needs, promote transformation and upgrading of industry, and to the industry value chain of the high-end climbing.Throughout the &;Conference organizers said the relevant person in charge of tianjin zhenwei exhibition co., LTD.(the original title: tianjin machine expo service north heavy industrial market) (source: “China trade news”)