Metal material gain puts glorious greatly TCT show in Asia in 2017

metal material manufacturing (AM) in the past 12 months has been widely attention, innovative companies and technology constantly emerging, and in full in the field of mergers and acquisitions has brought the huge change.TCT Asia 2017 exhibition in March 8-10 in Asia’s leading exhibition & ndash;& ndash;At the Shanghai new international expo centre, within the 10000 square meters of exhibition space, metal material to make flowers, only the new metal printing equipment to show there are 13, fascinating.

most of new selective laser melting (SLM) devices are brought by the domestic enterprises.This year is the third year of TCT Asia exhibits;Think first, then only a domestic manufacturing metal increases material manufacturing equipment exhibition;And now, eyeful is made in China.It is no wonder that the editor of TCT Daniel O & # 39;Connor sighed, & other;The exhibition on a wide variety of new metal material manufacturing equipment is really amazing.In China as well as a broader Asian market, increase material manufacturing technology application and development speed of stunning;Back in a few years ago, the region still lags far behind the west, and is now catching up at an alarming rate.Throughout the &;

with the EOS, Concept Laser, rainie salt and SLM Solutions of the matrix reloaded, combined with GE Additive with TRUMPF’s first exhibition in 2017, Europe and the United States metal material gain the attention of the manufacturing enterprises for the exhibition.

as the speaker in the exhibition, the increase of material manufacturing association chairman Graham Tromans said, & other;For manufacturing, China has its own unique insights;In China, compared with plastic, metal materials could be more favored by China’s manufacturing industry.At the same time, the automobile and aerospace is one of the most important two Chinese manufacturing economy department, that is the cause of the development of metal equipment companies so much.Despite China’s manufacturing rise, but with more sophisticated technology, European and American companies can still maintained a strong sales growth in China.Throughout the &;

3 d print in medical apparatus and instruments, orthopedist, the application of dental is one of the highlights of TCT Asian summit, have been the same this year.The audience enthusiastically participate in and to ask questions.At the same time, the technology of metal in the exhibition hall and three the also shine in the sky.About 1100 delegates listened to 45 high level global speaker’s speech, mainly related to metal material gain the most widely used in aerospace and automotive applications.

from northwestern polytechnical university, professor huang to provide China’s newest metal material manufacturing technology, shows the increase of material make great progress in practical application in China.Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics large metal components to add material manufacturing national engineering laboratory huhu professor high-performance key large metal components are discussed in material manufacturing technical challenge and impact.

besides metal technology, the exhibition hall also showed many resin, ceramics 3 d printing equipment, 3 d scanners, measurement and testing solutions and design and process management software.TCT Asia exhibition organizers Shanghai winyao newsletter exhibition co., LTD., President of Duncan Wood noted that & other;This year’s exhibition activities will be the whole world original 3 d technology is presented to the Chinese market.The exhibition, cut a swath metal material gain, and different levels of the industry development is there for all to see.This is reflected the TCT Asia exhibition & lsquo;Quicker and better help manufacturing & rsquo;的承诺。Throughout the &;In

2018 and

as the year after year in the future growth and the increase of international actors, TCT Asia exhibition has become one of Asia’s leading 3 d technology event.In 2018, TCT group exhibition will be open for the first time TCT South Korea, for further extension in the region.For global market should be developed, we always tailor the high quality for the exhibitors and visitors of exhibition, to help them in line with international standards.行业前景目前来看相当乐观,而2017年的搬迁至新国际展览中心,确保了TCT亚洲展在展览空间方面有机会进一步成长,并保持3D技术展会的持续领跑。TCT Asia

2018 exhibition will be held in March 1-3, 2018 in Shanghai new international expo center hall N1.

May our country numerical control machine tool imports rose slightly

Nc machine tools is essential equipment for industrial manufacturing now, also is one of necessary equipment, machinery manufacturing at the same time, the purpose of the nc machine tool is the ability to greatly increase the range of use, and to a certain extent, promote the industrial production, improve the efficiency of work.
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in recent years, along with the defense, aviation, high-speed rail, automobile and mould and other important strong growth in demand of equipment manufacturing industry, CNC machine tools in our country has made rapid development, numerical control machine tool technology in high speed, compound, motors, multi-axis, etc has made significant progress and a series of breakthroughs.But CNC machine tool products in China in terms of accuracy, durability and also one of the world’s most advanced level have greater gap, numerical control machine tool import quantity is still growing.
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according to the national bureau of statistics latest data show that in May 2017 CNC machine tool imports more than April 31 & have spent, rose 2.75% in April.
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nc machine tools in our country are mainly composed of low-end products, high-end CNC machine tools on the precision and speed have large gap with international cutting-edge technologies, dependence on imports.Although in recent years, the implementation of major projects to promote the industry technology progress, but must see, compared with the host technology rapid development, the r&d and production of high-grade CNC system and fittings are still in a relatively backward situation.In addition, there are a lot of scientific research in colleges and universities and research institutes, away from the real industrialization and application still has long way to go.

& have spent& have spent(the original title: may our CNC machine tool imports edged up)