Buyers demand hoso, zhengzhou machine tool exhibition help exhibitors audience seamless docking

in the action plan for manufacturing industry to undertake industrial transfer in 2017 in henan province, henan will focus on surrounding equipment, food, new materials, electronics, automobile five leading industries to implement special crucial actions, highlight the chain to undertake and cluster and speed up the cultivation form the advantage of industrial cluster.The rapid development of henan manufacturing to machine tool manufacturing industry rapid development of the market in henan, the user industry demand is growing.The 13th zhengzhou international machine tool show commitment to the development of the manufacturing plant in central China to build a good trading platform, will be on June 2, 2017 in zhengzhou international conference and exhibition center, grand opening, exhibits gathering metal cutting machine, laser sheet metal, forging press, industrial robots, machine tool features, main products, such as tools and accessories.

well-known exhibitors to compete, bring about new agitation the zhengzhou

machine tool industry can attract bystronic di, macro mountain, celestica laser, laser power star ferry laser, anhui east China sea, Japan, chengtong machinery, Taiwan TMC hon, Taiwan YingHan, rich letter into grinding machine, with cheng, oprah winfrey on jie di, hengwei Tan Xing, eastern nc nc, guangzhou, Taiwan, Taiwan constant at hundreds of high quality exhibitors in the exhibition site, show the fully digital, automatic and intelligent cutting and forming technology, precision stamping and casting technology, industrial robot technology development platform and software industries such as the latest trend.

first to see the audience demand, the exhibition effect doubled up

zhengzhou machine tool exhibition exhibition only 50 days!In this exhibition, audiences are looking forward to what products?Which industries purchase demand is bigger?What kind of products to meet market demand?These problems become the focus of the exhibitors.For exhibitors to supply accurate docking with the audience demand, help the exhibitors audience effectively clinch a deal, the depth of the organizing committee now mining the audience demand, statistics the latest market demand star products:

five star: metal cutting machine mainly includes the processing center,

car milling compound, car, milling, drilling, grinding and other high-tech products.As the automobile and parts, engineering machinery and other kinds of manufacturing, the production scale expansion of enterprises are in urgent need of high quality, high precision, high efficiency of power production cutting machine products.

four stars: laser cutting, sheet metal equipment mainly includes

laser cutting machine, bending machine, shearing machine and other sheet metal equipment.Under the trend of industrial upgrading, cutting speed, good quality and high precision of laser cutting equipment and high-grade sheet metal equipment are welcomed by the market, 3 c, automobiles, household appliances, chassis cabinets, electrical and mechanical processing industries such as the demand is bigger.

three stars: robot

mainly includes industrial robots, welding robot and so on.The introduction of the robot can guarantee product quality, increase production efficiency and reduce labor costs, and can adapt to bad working environment, is the best product to replace human.At present, the introduction of robot power enterprise upgrading of the industrial chain has become a trend, machine tool exhibition robot products demand ranks the third in zhengzhou.

above three types of products purchasing audience mainly in auto parts and vehicle, three-wheeled motorcycle, electronic appliances, mining machinery, engineering machinery, lifting machinery, construction machinery, food machinery, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, rail transportation, medical equipment, electric power and other industries.How to understand the specific needs of the audience, the audience for accurate docking?How can I purchase to high quality, high quality of target products?

to promote the exhibitors and spectators seamless docking, real-time communication product demand, zhengzhou GongBoHui WeChat hmgyxlz no public has been registered in the audience plate opened the official community.Viewers can advance the purchase demand release to WeChat community, communication with exhibitors, seek intention exhibits;The exhibitors also can know in advance the user needs, provide timely solution, improve the efficiency and quality.

online relay propaganda, covering hundreds of thousands of people in the industry of

online & ndash;& ndash;Zhengzhou machine tool exhibition has made strategic cooperation with more than 300 industry media, regular monthly update the exhibition;At the same time, the exhibitors website microblogging, micro reliance publish expo dynamic;In addition, 120 users a professional maintenance industry group, covering more than 10000 industry directly, indirectly radiation hundreds of thousands of people in the industry circle of friends.

offline & ndash;& ndash;In addition to the more precise audience send EDM E-mail, zhengzhou, machine tool with zhengzhou airport industrial concentration area, zhengzhou economic and technological industrial concentration area, zhengzhou high-tech industry agglomeration area, changge industrial concentration area, mengzhou industry gathering area, changyuan county industrial concentration area, QinYang industry gathering area, linzhou city industrial concentration area, luoyang petrochemical industrial concentration area, xingyang industrial concentration area, ZhongMou industry gathering area, yanshi industrial concentration area, zhongyuan electric valley core, xichuan county industrial concentration area, luoyang advanced manufacturing industry clusters, luoyang los new industry clusters, Xu Changshang set industrial concentration area, nanyang new energy industrial concentration area, xixia county industrial concentration area, shangqiu economic and technological industrial concentration area, gongyi city industrial concentration area, hebi jinshan industrial concentration area, hebi city crane q industrial concentration area, luoyang los industrial concentration area, xingyang industrial concentration area, industrial concentration area of dengfeng city, zhengzhou took to the streets in equipment manufacturing industry cluster zone, xinxiang industrial clusters, xinxiang economic and technological industrial concentration area of 18 cities in henan province carries on outdoor advertising professional industrial concentration area, set up 350 billboard, and in each big industrial park management committee issued the exhibition information, the audience can be gotten for free at any time.

investment team continue to invite, professional purchasing parties have rearranged

so far the visit registration number has reached 1565 people, involving 523 enterprises, including visiting personnel management is as high as 82%.

big data invitation & ndash;& ndash;China merchants group 30 people call team to one-on-one precision of 140000 audience accurate database invitation.

& ndash;& ndash;Precipitation by SMS, E-mail way of calendar year 30000 phone number send exhibition, well-known exhibitors

information accurately.

group tour & ndash;& ndash;Organizing committee to strengthen and industry association, the society, industry area management committee and other agencies to focus on invitation strength of the

big purchasing groups visiting procurement, has now been friends with luoyang bearing association, intelligent manufacture c building

good view cooperation, automobile, machinery, lifting machinery, bearings, mold and other industry 500 people,

people to visit.

& ndash;& ndash;18 cities with more than 300 media industry, vigorously promote industrial concentration area, increase the professional audience group


visit pre-registration zhengzhou machine tools exhibition

will enable viewers to system & other;The paperless & throughout;Service, the organizing committee has full opening audience pre-registration channels, and provide a variety of preferential to the audience in the process of the registration.

visit pre-registration site by mobile phone number can enjoy

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