Inventory of nc machine tool spindle common fault and the solution

Spindle is referring to the machine drives the workpiece or tool axis of rotation.Machine tool spindle are usually made of the main shaft, bearing and transmission parts (gear or pulley), etc.There are mainly two kinds of high-speed spindle in the actual application:
& have spentKind of transmission of high speed motorized spindle is zero, this kind of main shaft by using the structure of the motor and spindle integration, and through the accurate dynamic balancing correction, so have good rotation accuracy and stability, but the output torque and power limit.
& have spentAnother kind is variable frequency spindle motor and mechanical transmission mechanism with the combination of the spindle.This type of spindle of the output torque and power far more, but relatively rotation accuracy and stability to almost, so for this type of spindle, how to properly design influence on the machining accuracy of machine tool spindle and its components are critical.
& have spentNc machine tool spindle common fault and the solution
& have spentA, with variable frequency spindle turn
& have spentThe cause of the problem and the processing method:
& have spent(1) caused by the failures of mechanical transmission: look for fracture belt drive whether or machine hung up the gap.
& have spent(2) the supply of the main shaft of the three-phase power supply lacks or reverse phase: check the power supply, switching of the two power cords.
& have spent(3) circuit connection error: refer to the circuit connecting the handbook, to ensure the correct attachment.
& have spent(4) the system has no corresponding spindle control signal output: the multimeter measurement system output signal, without the spindle control signal output, is the need to change IC components or send the relevant plant maintenance.
& have spent(5) system have corresponding spindle control signal output, but the power supply circuit and the control signal output circuit break or damage of components: the multimeter to check system between the spindle motor and power supply circuit, signal control circuit whether there is open circuit;Whether there is open circuit;The connection between the contact is bad contact;There is no damage to ac contactor, dc relay;Check thermal relay over-current;Check whether insurance tube burning, etc.
& have spentSecond, the spindle with frequency converter not turn
& have spentThe cause of the problem and the processing method:
& have spent(1) caused by the failures of mechanical transmission: look for fracture belt drive whether or machine hung up the gap.
& have spent(2) the supply of the main shaft of the three-phase power supply lacks: check the power supply, switching of the two power cords.
& have spent(3) numerical control system of inverter control parameters not open: consult system specification, variable frequency parameters and change.
& have spent(4) system and the inverter circuit connection error: refer to the attachment instruction system and converter, and ensure the correct attachment.
& have spent5 analog voltage output is not normal: use a multimeter to check the system output analog voltage is normal;Check the analog voltage signal wire connection is correct or poor contact, inverter receive analog voltage matches.
& have spent6 high-voltage electrical control part of the circuit or component damage: check the spindle power supply this line contact connection is reliable, line ever open circuit, dc relay is damaged, if insurance tube burn out.
& have spentCruelly inverter parameters set: frequency converter contains control mode selection, divided into the inverter control panel spindle way, way of NC system to control the main shaft, etc., if you don’t choose the NC system control mode, the spindle can’t use the system control, change the parameters;Check the related parameters setting is reasonable.
& have spent
3, without frequency conversion of the spindle (shift the spindle rotation speed is not controlled
& have spentThe cause of the problem processing method:
& have spent(1) the control signal output system without S01 – S04: look for gear shift control signal output system.If no, then the system failure, replace the IC or send for repair.
& have spent(2) the connection line fault: if the system has the shift control signal output, then check the connection line whether there is open circuit or poor contact, check whether dc relay or contactor is damaged.
& have spent(3) the spindle motor damage or short circuit: check the spindle motor.
& have spent(4) not mechanical shift: hang up yourself.
& have spentFour, spindle brake
& have spentThe cause of the problem processing method:
& have spent(1) abnormal braking circuit or high voltage components damage: check the bridge pile, fuse, ac contactor is damaged;Check whether high voltage circuit breakers.
& have spent(2) the braking time is not long enough, or the inverter braking time parameter adjustment system.
& have spentNo braking signal output (3) system: replacement of internal components or sent for repair.
& have spent(4) inverter control parameters set: refer to instruction manual frequency converter, inverter parameter set correctly.
& have spentFive, the spindle start immediately after stop
& have spentThe cause of the problem processing method
& have spentEnough time: (1) the system output pulse adjusting system of M code output time.
& have spent(2) the inverter in the running state: refer to the instruction for use of frequency converter, set up parameters.
& have spent(3) main line of control components damage: check circuit all touch the contacts are in good condition, check whether the dc relay contactor is damaged, contact not self-locking
& have spent(4) the spindle motor short circuit, causing thermal relay protection: investigate the cause of short circuit, to reset the thermal relay.
& have spent(5) the spindle control circuit without self-locking circuit, and the parameter is set to the pulse signal output, make the spindle will not operate properly, the system control spindle to control parameters instead of level control.
& have spentSix, the spindle rotation can’t stop
& have spentThe cause of the problem processing method:
& have spent(1) ac contactor or dc relay is damaged, and off for a long time, can’t control: the change of ac contactor or dc relay.
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“Numerical control generation of mechanical product innovation application demonstration project” project through the acceptance

Recently, & other;Five-year & throughout;National science and technology support plan advanced manufacturing and other major projects;Numerical control generation of mechanical product innovation application demonstration project & throughout;(hereinafter referred to as & other nc generation & throughout; engineering) weinan in shaanxi province by the ministry of science and technology experts acceptance of the organization.Acceptance of the expert group on-site assessment of the shaanxi weinan northerners printing machinery co., LTD and kordsa mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD., two application demonstration enterprises, and watched the demonstration project results.The technical expert group for the project achieve and demonstrate the application effect gave high evaluation.
& have spent& other;CNC generation & throughout;Engineering is to make up for the traditional mechanical equipment digital board in our country, & other;Five-year & throughout;By ministry of science and technology jointly with the ministry of industry, Chinese academy of engineering and other relevant departments jointly organize the implementation.The project through advanced applicable promotion and application of numerical control technology and innovation, and help improve the level of mechanical equipment digitization, small and medium-sized enterprises to promote our country manufacturing industry shift towards digital, lay a foundation for informationalization and intelligentization.
& have spent& other;CNC generation & throughout;Construction in 16 provinces and cities and five industry, textile, printing, stone material, packaging, injection molding machine, etc.) to carry out the demonstration project, lead the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing key industries, to support the economic development of manufacturing industry concentrated area, to the enterprise as the main body & other;Zheng industry-university-institute with gold & throughout;Collaborative innovation model has carried on the beneficial practice, and achieved significant results.The project has developed a special CNC system of machinery and more than 150 kinds of relevant features, and developed the nc industry sewing machine, environmental protection material drum gravure printing machine and other kinds of CNC machinery and equipment more than 200 kinds of, popularization and application of 220000 sets, built more than 70 demonstration numerical control production line, has trained more than 20000 person-times of professionals.
& have spentCurrently, ten several local provincial government made & otherCNC generation & throughout;Concrete implementation plan, more than 1 billion yuan of special at all levels of government investment funds invested in more than 5 billion yuan, financial and social capital investment more than 10 billion yuan, has realized the innovation demand from enterprise, mainly led by the enterprise to carry out innovation activities, innovation investment is given priority to with enterprise, innovation achievements applied in enterprises.At the same time, colleges and universities and research institutes play a lead and support the role of science and technology, market leading enterprises, the main body pattern got into full play.

& have spent& have spent(the original title: national science and technology support plan & other numerical control generation of mechanical product innovation application demonstration project & throughout; project through the acceptance) (source: China science and technology),

Yaskawa motor released new small robots GP series

On July 7, 2017, at 10:08 yaskawa electric (China) co., LTD., first published in China CIROS2017 international robot show the most suitable for 3 c industry, small six axis multi-joint robot GP series and control cabinet.
& have spentPresident of tianjin corporation yaskawa motor Tian Chunsi, robot industry association deputy secretary-general of China Chen Guliang, yaskawa electric (China) co., LTD., the general manager Give my qing, yaskawa electric (China) co., LTD., wide robotics divisions technology minister Tian Bokang attended the conference and delivered a speech, common witness for new product opens the unveiling ceremony.
& have spentYaskawa launch site
& have spentWith the requirements of users to further improve the production efficiency, easy market to achieve maximum set with high load and high speed, high precision demand more and more robots.In response to the demand of the market, yaskawa motor update on the mechanical structure of the existing model reform, has developed a new generation of load in 7-12 kg GP series small robots.
& have spentThe yaskawa motor ・ 2017 robots launch release new products for MOTOMAN robot – GP7, MOTOMAN GP8, MOTOMAN GP12.A new generation of GP series robot is suitable for small parts handling, assembly, dispensing, up-down material and grinding, and other fields.
& have spentNew small robots GP series
& have spentForm a complete set of new small robot control cabinet YRC1000, YRC1000micro
& have spentGP series robot all shaft synthesis speed compared with the old machine can increase 39%, greatly shortens the takt time, improve the speed of action;Using ribbon round, small slender arm shape design, the interference area to minimal, can receive various kinds of equipment at the scene of the user’s production, wide scope of action to deal with the various artifacts handling needs of customers, in addition, the permissible torque of mechanical arm joint increase about 38%;With IP67 standard structure, in the arm to drive the measures to strengthen the foreign invasion, can deal with all kinds of customer production site, at the same time, the smooth arm shape makes the powder layer is not easy to accumulate and easy cleaning;Link between robot and form a complete set of control cabinet YRC1000, YRC1000micro cable from root to 1, 2 in a shortened equipment starting time at the same time, makes the wiring more concise.
& have spentGP7 is the maximum load of 7 kg, maximum level stretch length is 927 mm;GP8 the maximum load for 8 kg, maximum level stretch length is 727 mm;GP12 maximum load of 12 kg, maximum level stretch length is 1440 mm.GP series is existing in the robot moves fastest and highest accuracy of a new generation of robots.
& have spentAt the same time, yaskawa also launched a matching with GP robot of a new generation of robot control cabinet YRC1000 and YRC1000micro.The two control cabinet adopts new control method, to cope with the global various voltage, safety specifications and other diversified demand, makes the GP robot can realize the function of the optimization.
& have spentYRC1000 and YRC1000micro compared with last generation controller DX200 and FS100, volume reduced by 67% and 62%, respectively, by the high density configuration can realize all kinds of compact layout, is the world’s existing YRC1000micro size minimum level in the control cabinet’s specifications, can be built-in 19 inch rack;VMAX function, through a simple specified, the robot can operate at the highest speed in various positions, at the same time, through the adoption of the new control technology, the robot motion trajectory error greatly reduce highly improve tracking accuracy,On the basis of inheriting the existing operating system, to strengthen the teaching of programming touch, further improve the operational.
& have spentThis show the product innovation based on the Chinese market, fully corresponding to the needs of domestic users, help China robot and high-speed and stable development in the field of industrial automation.In addition, the wide field minister also said that in the future, yaskawa electric opportunity more GP series robots to further update expanded with high speed, high efficiency, easy maintenance, easy to use GP series robot product array.

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Broaching machine lubrication work need each user attention

Unlike other machine, broaching machine, another structure characteristics is stiffness big, this is in order to match the accuracy control of the control system, in order to adapt to the high precision machining.Compared with the traditional broaching machine, CNC broaching machine generally using embedded steel rail, so keep broaching machine precision time is long, its service life can be extended.
& have spentAs a result of the numerical control broaching machine price is higher, the control system of long service life, so the slide guide of nc broaching machine also requires good abrasion resistance.Vertical broaching machine said due to nc broaching machine tool slide two directions respectively driven by two sets of servo motor, so its transmission chain is short.There is no need to use these wheels, light poles and other transmission parts, use servo motor directly with screw connection drive head movement.Servo motor can also use synchronous belt between screw vice or the gear coupling.CNC broaching machine tool carriage moving ball screw pair adopted in general.Ball screw pair is one of the key mechanical parts CNC broaching machine, ball screw installed on both ends of the rolling bearing is special uranium bearing, its pressure Angle is larger than that of common angular contact ball bearing car is much this kind of special bearing matching installation, is selected, the best is in pairs in the bearing factory.To drag the deft, nc broaching machine lubrication are full, most of them adopt automatic lubricating oil mist.Nc broaching machine has cooled sufficiently, protective more tightly wait for a characteristic, automatic operation is generally in the closed or semi-closed state.
& have spent

& have spentWithin

CNC spiral vertical broaching machine & have spentBroaching machine is through the broach types of machine tools for processing, it is mainly used for machining hole, plane and formed surfaces, so in practice, used to broach is each user should be aware of, this will directly affect the normal use at a later stage of broaching machine, small make up next for you first make a brief introduction about broaching machine part of the broach and the function of each part, broaching machine broach is mainly composed of two parts, respectively is: work and non-work part.
& have spent1, work part
& have spentCutting parts: 1) cutting part there are a lot of blade, cutting effect.Blade diameter increases by teeth, use it to remove all the machining allowance.
& have spentPart 2) calibration: calibration on the part of cutter tooth correction effect.The number of teeth is less, the tooth is the same diameter.
& have spentPart 2, non-working
& have spent1) handle department: clamping broach, the transmission power.
& have spent2) neck: connection part of the neck and behind each part, and the diameter of the handle of the same or slightly smaller in diameter.Broach material, size, and other general mark played in the neck.
& have spent3) transition cone: the transition between the part of the neck was leading the field, on the center.
& have spent4) leading department: cutting department before entering the workpiece, the guiding role, preventing broach askew, and can check whether pull before the workpiece aperture is too small, so as to avoid the first cutter tooth broach burden is too heavy and damaged.
& have spent5) after the lead department: keep the broach the correct position, preventing broach was leaving artifacts, drooping artifacts and damage already processing surface and blade.
& have spent6) after supporting department: for long and heavy broach, still need to do a tail in the leading department behind (the department), the diameter D tail depending on the size of broaching machine bracket, tail length l = (0.5 0.7) D the tail.But not less than 20 mm general requirements.
& have spent(the original title: broaching machine lubrication work can not be ignored), (source: changsha, intelligent equipment co., LTD.),

Three-dimensional visual driving industrial robots to innovation

For the past robot system, the selection and placement objects is a very difficult task, because there is no better location method.But with the innovation of the three-dimensional visual development, positioning loot action is becoming more and more easily.The appearance of 3 d visual promoted the rapid innovation of industrial robots, widened their application prospect.New vision technology for the robot system provides flexibility, enabling them to complete function had ever before.Industrial robot itself is an incredible innovation in manufacturing, but & other;The blind & throughout;Version of the robot has its limitations.Then three-dimensional visual guide robot and what is the difference between the traditional robot?Flexibility to improve robot returns robot is widely used to replace the boring, repetitive tasks, a thorough liberation the low-end Labour.But because of the lack of visual perception and restricts their complete tasks more high-end, the traditional robot through programming required to complete a single task, and no ability to cope with the new change, when the task changes must be reprogrammed.Flexibility is the key driving force of the robot return on investment, 3 d visual function will make the robot can complete multiple tasks without reprogramming, have in the work environment at the same time to predict unforeseen emergency.In addition, 3 d vision allows robots to a certain extent, to identify the object in front of it, and react accordingly.All these functions improve the flexibility of the robot, so as to achieve faster and better return on investment.Three-dimensional visual encourage innovation in the robot 3 d visual technique in industrial robot application there are a lot of ways, one of the most outstanding application is to pick-up and placement, this is a very difficult thing for the traditional robot, blind version of the robot can only from the predetermined position to pick up objects, two-dimensional camera system unable to part from the selected in the scene.Laser triangulation method to realize 3 d robot vision is vision in one of the most commonly used method of pick up and positioning applications.In essence, computer aided design (CAD) model was teaching robot, enable it to identify the part of the space and its direction.Laser used for robot in the X, Y, and Z axis determine their space position, once the location of the robot know oneself and parts, it can pick up the parts and placed it.Although this appears to be a simple task, but it is a revolution in the field of industry.It saves time and money for end users.CAD model of a simple description, the robot can perform various tasks.From laser triangulation or different method, the three-dimensional vision is the driving force of innovation.The past is very difficult to the selection and use of robots, but now would be a normal operation.(原标题:三维视觉驱动工业机器人创新变革) (来源:OFweek )