The 15th 2017 shenzhen international small motor and magnetic materials industry exhibition, May 18 will be held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center

people for comfortable life and the pursuit of high efficiency production, whether the traditional market, or a new intelligent electronic industry, are in the rapid development of the micromotor market.According to relevant report, in 2015 China’s production of 12.4 billion sets of small micromotor, year-on-year growth of 6.0%, accounted for 70.9%.By 2020 Chinese small micro-motor production is close to 17 billion units, 2016-2020 average annual compound growth rate of around 7.0%.But despite the huge market, domestic motor enterprise development space does not seem to imagine, because the product technology content, price and production scale of competition, enterprise development more difficult, our enterprises need to constantly technology accumulation and improve quality to break the barriers, activate the kinetic energy industry development.Shenzhen as south China motor production centre, the annual industry enterprises will gather all shenzhen, shenzhen important event – the 15th annual international small motor and magnetic materials industry exhibition, on May 18-20, shenzhen convention and exhibition center, we sincerely invite you to visit found new products, new technologies, to purchase and learn from each other, common industry development is discussed in this paper.A joyous event!At the same time an exhibition of works of shenzhen international electronic coil and electronic transformer.Well-known enterprises at home and abroad, the whole industry chain the exhibition: hunan electric Wright, the car group, real can science and technology, shenzhen aerospace micromotor, kick electronics, auspicious to motor, shenzhen ya teng, hengjia diesel motor, bill, battery motor, “ma bu” or horse stance just look Gao Sheng precision mechanical and electrical, antai technology, jinji strong magnetic, ningbo, baotou days, sinosteel, Arnold, melting and magnetic industry, doctors graduated morigane, MaiGeLong, baotou rare earth magnetic jinshan, jie ding shun, xiamen million, zigong koyo, sen Yang science and technology, the spindle apparatus, shenzhen sanfeng machinery, shenzhen jing, shun machinery, hunan yu jing, neighbors instrument, China electric section 45, Arnold, Leo…Contact with your event.Held the 6th session of micromotor branch of China electrical equipment industry association council of six and seven times in all the member conference, 2017 small motor manufacturing and application workshop meeting area, 2017 motor salon, micro-motor in the application of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) industry demonstration together industry elite 800 dialogue with you in shenzhen, welcome to the industry to attend the visit.The exhibition schedule:
exhibition time: on May 18-20, 2017-9:30 17:00 on May 20,
in 2017-9:30 15:00.