Yaskawa motor released new small robots GP series

On July 7, 2017, at 10:08 yaskawa electric (China) co., LTD., first published in China CIROS2017 international robot show the most suitable for 3 c industry, small six axis multi-joint robot GP series and control cabinet.
& have spentPresident of tianjin corporation yaskawa motor Tian Chunsi, robot industry association deputy secretary-general of China Chen Guliang, yaskawa electric (China) co., LTD., the general manager Give my qing, yaskawa electric (China) co., LTD., wide robotics divisions technology minister Tian Bokang attended the conference and delivered a speech, common witness for new product opens the unveiling ceremony.
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& have spentWith the requirements of users to further improve the production efficiency, easy market to achieve maximum set with high load and high speed, high precision demand more and more robots.In response to the demand of the market, yaskawa motor update on the mechanical structure of the existing model reform, has developed a new generation of load in 7-12 kg GP series small robots.
& have spentThe yaskawa motor ・ 2017 robots launch release new products for MOTOMAN robot – GP7, MOTOMAN GP8, MOTOMAN GP12.A new generation of GP series robot is suitable for small parts handling, assembly, dispensing, up-down material and grinding, and other fields.
& have spentNew small robots GP series
& have spentForm a complete set of new small robot control cabinet YRC1000, YRC1000micro
& have spentGP series robot all shaft synthesis speed compared with the old machine can increase 39%, greatly shortens the takt time, improve the speed of action;Using ribbon round, small slender arm shape design, the interference area to minimal, can receive various kinds of equipment at the scene of the user’s production, wide scope of action to deal with the various artifacts handling needs of customers, in addition, the permissible torque of mechanical arm joint increase about 38%;With IP67 standard structure, in the arm to drive the measures to strengthen the foreign invasion, can deal with all kinds of customer production site, at the same time, the smooth arm shape makes the powder layer is not easy to accumulate and easy cleaning;Link between robot and form a complete set of control cabinet YRC1000, YRC1000micro cable from root to 1, 2 in a shortened equipment starting time at the same time, makes the wiring more concise.
& have spentGP7 is the maximum load of 7 kg, maximum level stretch length is 927 mm;GP8 the maximum load for 8 kg, maximum level stretch length is 727 mm;GP12 maximum load of 12 kg, maximum level stretch length is 1440 mm.GP series is existing in the robot moves fastest and highest accuracy of a new generation of robots.
& have spentAt the same time, yaskawa also launched a matching with GP robot of a new generation of robot control cabinet YRC1000 and YRC1000micro.The two control cabinet adopts new control method, to cope with the global various voltage, safety specifications and other diversified demand, makes the GP robot can realize the function of the optimization.
& have spentYRC1000 and YRC1000micro compared with last generation controller DX200 and FS100, volume reduced by 67% and 62%, respectively, by the high density configuration can realize all kinds of compact layout, is the world’s existing YRC1000micro size minimum level in the control cabinet’s specifications, can be built-in 19 inch rack;VMAX function, through a simple specified, the robot can operate at the highest speed in various positions, at the same time, through the adoption of the new control technology, the robot motion trajectory error greatly reduce highly improve tracking accuracy,On the basis of inheriting the existing operating system, to strengthen the teaching of programming touch, further improve the operational.
& have spentThis show the product innovation based on the Chinese market, fully corresponding to the needs of domestic users, help China robot and high-speed and stable development in the field of industrial automation.In addition, the wide field minister also said that in the future, yaskawa electric opportunity more GP series robots to further update expanded with high speed, high efficiency, easy maintenance, easy to use GP series robot product array.

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