“Beijing craftsman” nc machine tool operator craftsman audition be held

6, & other;Beijing great craftsmen & throughout;Selected tree activity & ndash;& ndash;Nc machine tool operator craftsman ratio, held in shougang technician college internship training center.The Beijing municipal federation of trade unions ShuYan, economy, technology and labor protection ministry, Beijing worker service center (Beijing technology exchange center), the director of Gao Jincheng, shougang, head of talent development, and shougang the relevant person in charge of trade unions and nc evaluation experts wait for the site.

in order to further expand & other;Beijing great craftsmen & throughout;Selected tree activity of social influence, show the image of the craftsman and carry forward the spirit, to better display shortlisted candidate technological expertise and skills skills, according to the selected tree work overall arrangement, activity is now entering the display and challenge.The duration, the nc machine tool operator craftsmen in shougang worker WeiJianPing, a machine tool company worker Wu Guanglei Qin Tao and north.

for cultivation, to carry forward the spirit of excellence, give play to the role of skilled talent innovation lead, arouse the enthusiasm of broad worker learning technology, enhance skills and initiative, the Beijing municipal federation of trade unions formulate the “implementation of & other throughout Beijing big artisans &; the implementation of the selected tree work plan, and officially launched in 2016, in the field of manufacturing, construction of CNC machine operator, welder, fitter, TCM firing workers, car repair, car assembly workers, engineering surveyor, electrical equipment installation work, handmade carpentry, precious metal jewelry, handmade 10 industry base, such as a line, the operating posts of workers, will eventually selected 10 & other;Beijing great craftsmen & throughout;.


WeiJianPing is mechanical and electrical company shougang group machinery nc and tooling department head, is also named Beijing machinery manufacturing industry & otherWeiJianPing studio & throughout;The director.WeiJianPing with solid theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience, using three-dimensional modeling software and computer aided programming technology, including the key projects, the commonly used parts processing process CARDS, process diagram, programming of electronic databases, so as to realize the process to finalize the design, tool shape, finalize the design fixed target, cutting parameters, nc program provides a guarantee to provide accurate machining time quota.Through practice, which not only shorten the working hours, improve the efficiency, and improve the product quality, thus promote the processing revolution to efficient processing as the main line, the efficiency revolution.The core component of continuous casting machine equipment sector section framework of processing, processing each year 7 sets, up by 180 sets for the first half of this year, the product qualified rate from 69% to 100%.