Digital motor factory 40% increased production efficiency

Siemens to use its electric motor factory in Germany as a platform to show & other;Digital & throughout;Manufacturing can shorten the production time of 40%, with is to reduce the factory 50% correction circuit, gives the new machine a 50% slope.

Siemens industrial production engine in the factory has 80 years of history, is currently in use some new technology to improve and upgrade its production process.

factory director Peter Deml explains, & other;In the process of digital factory, at first we focus on the use of digital create consistency in CAD, CAM processing chain, including tool and nc program management and independent operation of the system before synchronization and equipped with a digital interface.In addition, we introduced a new tool, nc program was optimized and adjusted and made all kinds of design.Throughout the &;

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Siemens is to use the factory as the platform of digital technologies, Siemens is how to implement a new technology, visitors can see how to improve production efficiency.Siemens plans to use the digital platform and application example to show to the customer, using the Siemens provided by digital technology can achieve the effect.

digital solutions will continue to maintain leading position, make enterprise in global competition of the future beyond the opponent is possible.