“Sharing economy” introduction of machine tool industry to help small and medium-sized enterprises realize unmanned workshop construction

nc machine tools (CNC), is a kind of a program control system of automatic machine tools.The control system is able to handle the with logic control code or other symbols in accordance with procedures prescribed by the instruction, through the computer the decoding, to make machine execution action, according to the shape and size of the drawing requirements, automatically to parts processing.Although

China machine tool industry has experienced rapid growth for a long time, but numerical control level still cannot meet the needs of high-end market, in the high-end machine still need to import a lot of, and prices are high.A few days ago, cast combines industry with a Shared golden shit, head of the CNC machining center.He plans to & other;Shared economic & throughout;Industry, introduced concept, leasing high-end equipment for the demand side, its low cost and enlarge industrial scale.High-end CNC demand outlook in

, according to the industry (innovation model from 1997 to

in guangdong started learning mold processing, has been engaged in machine tool industry, golden shit handguns for 20 years.Working experience for many years, his deep understanding to the industry because many small and medium enterprises financing difficulties and high cost of equipment to expand production situation, and combined with the current & other;Shared economic & throughout;Trend, decided to make sharing CNC machining center on the project.

according to understand, to share purchase domestic middle and high end CNC CNC machining center is a company (mainly: laser, ningbo Haitian seiko) and foreign high-end CNC (mainly Germany), the lease for small and medium enterprises or individuals, with demand or sales in the form of financing lease.

golden shit is introduced, with the development of domestic science and technology, military, aerospace, shipbuilding, 3 c industry and automobile industry demand for high-end machine tools in the increasing, especially in high precision, high speed, high efficiency, intelligent high-grade CNC machine tool demand increased, the high-end market share will further enhance in the future.

relative to the demand of increasing, the supply situation is not optimistic.He pointed out that China’s domestic enterprises nc product technical level is generally low, especially the core components are purchased from abroad, part of the leading companies are just assemble in the high-end products, of which more than ninety percent of high-end machine tool CNC system with foreign companies, known as machine tool & other;Throughout the brain &;The numerical control system has been in the past a few companies such as Germany Siemens, Japan fanuc firmly grasp the in hand, 40% of China’s high-end machine tool manufacturing costs is to buy foreign system.

rising costs as well as the imbalance between supply and demand, has produced in the high-end machine tools is expensive, large investment equipment financial cost.While the use of the downstream side of the machine tool itself social financing cost is extremely high, make a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises to expand production or transition unmanned workshop.

industry experienced team, perfect products and services, to establish their own brands

to golden shit & other;Shared economic & throughout;Model to alleviate the problems in the industry, to help small and medium-sized enterprise or individual can be at a relatively low startup capital to complete the order, or more orders, low cost to expand the scale of production.At present, the company procurement of equipment such as brand, model selection work has been completed, and part of the renter in the pipeline, as well as in preparing of intelligent CNC system with four individual invention application, registration, team matters such as the expansion of the new company.

golden shit, said the industry haven’t appeared the similar company, project have market first-mover advantage.At the same time, the company team members are employed for many years, has rich experience in operating, design, and a wide range of channel resources, mainly in guangdong and Beijing and around Beijing area market.

project mainly through the purchase of high-end equipment and its rental, sales, rental income.With the development of the project, the accumulation of more data (of various process parameters), the company will be independent research and development, production intelligent series of products, set up their own brands, to provide more perfect after-sales service, with & other;Rental + sales & throughout;Model, laid the national market, keep the competitiveness of the industry leader.Source of income for project

golden shit revealed that there are mainly three parts: rental income, spreads and interest income and service income.Companies with ordinary rental income, the lease way to obtain equipment finance lease way spreads and interest income, and by providing customers with technology improvement, design service to obtain income.In the future, will also be through the sale of the independent production company own brand CNC equipment sales.