STUDER appearance CIMT2017 new internal grinder thumb up

As the world’s outstanding leader of the fine GRINDING technology, combination GRINDING Group (UNITED GRINDING Group) on the CIMT2017 exhibition with its eight brands brought many GRINDING works of art.The main force of its internal and external circular grinding machine Studer (stu), display the power of good.
& other;Studer this exhibition is a brand new of economical S131 grinder, internal grinder series can easily deal with complex artifacts grinding hard materials (such as cemented carbide, ceramics and gems) as well as ordinary material grinding, especially suitable for die manufacturing.Throughout the &;During the exhibition, Fritz Studer AG sales director Rolf Grossenbacher said in an interview, as a high precision grinding experts, S131 can realize the circular arc, sphere, the cone, inner hole and end of the outer diameter and high precision grinding, one of the most g a diameter of 400 mm, the largest workpiece weight is 100 kg.In addition, S131 on each axis direction by using the linear motor drive, the axial performance is excellent.Carrying the HMI StuderSim makes it very easy to operation and programming at the same time with the help of the programming and simulation software StuderSim can on the outside of the machine tool control system or a computer to write and simulated grinding and finishing procedures.

Fritz Studer company sales director Rolf Grossenbacher and Fritz Studer guo-zhang wu China north area sales director in Fritz Studer China north area sales director guo-zhang wu, S131 is focused the world’s latest technology and materials, and otherFor example, we now of linear motion in the X axis and Z axis machine tool USES a linear motor, and the grinding wheel head rotating shaft adopted direct drive motor.Its speed is very fast and very high degree of precision, versatility is also very good.And can not only grinding wheel head rotation Angle, and the heads of workpiece rotary range is big, is a truly universal cylindrical grinder.It can be processed within the round face and inner hole, inner cone, can even machining cylindrical, various shapes can be a clamping to realize complete machining.
, according to guo-zhang wu S131 equipped with numerical control system is also very convenient, the software can simulate the real-time process, allows users to very visually observed in real time processing.Although increased new function, but does not reduce Studer an inherent property of grinding machine.Even machine tool lathe bed is still the continuation of artificial granite (Granitan® S103), this kind of lathe bed and Studer company in the industry’s first try and ratified.It is also worth noting, Studer extraordinary development, and has set up a patent Studer Guide®Guide rail system is driven by linear motor, is currently one of the best guide system performance.
when it comes to Studer company overall situation this year, says Mr Grossenbacher has been growth in Western Europe and Asian markets recover, momentum of overall performance is on, especially in China’s market demand is very exuberant.From the point of application field, aerospace, hydraulic, tools, and the automobile industry has brought a great role in promoting.He also singled out Studer company the size of the investment Flow Assembly + Flow (Assembly line), the investment is continuously shorten the delivery time for the company, improve the efficiency of the supply chain.& other;For our future development, play a very important role, can say is that we a right investment for the future.Throughout the &;Swiss toon in February at the Motion on the Meeting, according to the Flow Assembly + for final Assembly of the production cycle time was reduced by 50%, have improved a lot to improve process stability at the same time, also greatly reduce the quality risk.
globally, Studer companies want to gain more market share, this is also the new universal internal grinder S131 meaning.& other;Studer most widely in the industry of internal grinder series products, this is what we want for global customers to understand the information.Moreover, we also for the aerospace launch a very targeted and effective solution.Throughout the &;
(the original title: STUDER: from a universal grinding machine to open the new journey) (source: the engineering machinery network)