The first guizhou equipment industry expo will be held in guiyang in June

To accelerate the equipment manufacturing industry transformation into level, enhance the exchange and cooperation between provinces, strengthen communication and cooperation between enterprises, subject to consent by the guizhou provincial people’s government, the first China (guizhou) equipment industrial exposition will be held in guiyang in June this year.Guizhou expo since opening in 2006, got all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the support of the people’s government, and thousands of enterprises to participate the international and domestic high-end equipment, now has developed into China’s western region influential equipment industry exhibition and guizhou’s largest industrial products production and sales meeting.This year, after trying to upgraded to China (guizhou) equipment industry fair.The first guizhou equipment industry expo will be held in guiyang in June the exposition is expected to show covers an area of 30000 square meters, more than 500 will attract domestic and foreign equipment manufacturing enterprises.To digest (aviation and aerospace exhibition set up military and civilian, nc machine tools and metal processing and advanced manufacturing technique and equipment exhibition, new energy automobile application recess area, rail transit technology and equipment exhibition, display and engineering machinery, special vehicles and industrial park project in promoting exhibition area, the industrial class in higher vocational colleges talent exchange exhibit recommendation area such as the main body.Will be held during the same period the west high-speed railway economic belt communication equipment manufacturing industry development, news release of new products, new energy automobile application communication series such as sports, both at home and abroad will be invited to industry experts, scientific research staff, government leaders to join the relevant technical seminars, organize project promotion activities, visiting the industrial park, factory, one-on-one development activities such as business negotiations, to build supply and demand of multi-channel communication trade platform.This exhibition will show many little-known equipment manufacturing as a result, any not classified military, is expected to let people see everybody in the exhibition.(the original title: the first guizhou equipment industry expo will be held in guiyang in June) (source: guizhou daily)