The sixth jiangmen expo opening Many well-known enterprises gathered in appearance

On April 20, 2017 the 6th jiangmen advanced manufacturing industry expo (hereinafter referred to as & other;Jiangmen system throughout expo &;)In jiangmen wuyi overseas conference and exhibition center.The exhibition attracted merchants from foshan, zhongshan and other places exhibition, jiangmen system exposition is wuyi region’s largest professional machinery exhibition, has been held five sessions.The exhibition exhibition area of 12000 square meters, gathered from all over the country more than 300 high-quality companies, including metal processing machinery, high-end CNC machine tools, metal stamping equipment, laser equipment, such as 3 d printing & other;Advanced & throughout;Technical equipment, power jiangmen revive & other;Jiangmen manufacturing & throughout;, building & other;Jiangmen smart & throughout;.Jiangmen many companies cases now branch machine tools also carries the product of the latest fairs to attend this exhibition has guangzhou CNC, machine tool, now macro manipulator, day xuan, packaging industry in the well-known large companies, such as international famous brand FANUC robotics collaborative 3 di automation equipment in the field of demonstration.Jiangmen expo exhibition of a large number of advanced manufacturing equipment and, in the afternoon in the meeting, the theme of & other;The way of using Internet + explore intelligent & throughout;The peak BBS also start simultaneously.The personage inside course of study to discuss how the & other;Internet + & throughout;The era background, the use of the Internet and intelligent manufacturing technology, to achieve improved efficiency at the same time to higher value-added, higher high-end precision machining technical barriers, 4.0 power companies take the lead in world industry.(the original title: jiangmen expo opening, a batch of & otherAdvanced & throughout;Manufacturing equipment appearance) (source: southern daily)