Zhengzhou zhongyuan machine tool exhibition and may good to a beautiful encounter

There are many kinds of definition, good for the fair, then, what is good?Good bo is the first in the central and western China to realize the real joint exhibition company;First at the scene of the exhibition to introduce professional audience login system, realized the visit digital;The first set up the CALL CENTER, to meet the growing demand for big data;Before the first introduction of home services company, has realized the exhibition organization, management, the service of the exhibition, the exhibition after the return of specialization;The first and the number of mice tourism professional colleges and universities to realize the university-enterprise cooperation;Cling to the pulse of the convention and exhibition, and founded China’s convention and exhibition m rand associated with training camp, and so on.We created in the process of continuously enterprising multiple first record, and obtain & other;A barometer of the central industrial & throughout;The title.So, the central plains of zhengzhou international machine tool exhibition will give, will give the best!18 years of endeavor and meticulously, and determination to pursue high quality, machine tool industry has become the central area is the most influential and appeal of the machine tool.Because we did send invitations magazine 100000, more than 100 soft push, one hundred million network reproduced.And always tradition continue to 99 cities in the Midwest, more than 300 industrial cluster visit invitation.275000 people directly by 55 WeChat group, qq group, indirect radiation of 3 million people.Electrical and mechanical market advertising, wall advertising, car ads, bus stop ads, anti-aircraft gun common comprehensive coverage, perfectly in outdoor advertising.Peer exhibition promotion, large exhibitions organizing committee staff to 25, 1 million visits, exhibition invitation.In order to more convenient application, but also in the exhibition WeChat (ccieme), the public platform for pre-registration, opens the exhibition the green channel.Call center group, established more than 45, sustained by telephone, electronic information in the form of text messages, and one-to-one precision invitation.In the aspect of promotion plan 17 + investment more than 1.5 million yuan.We firmly believe that acme efforts will make a fine to the extreme, extreme excellent that worth your miles to join us.You don’t come, I will be here waiting for you.You come, I not far from thousands of miles to meet you, with a good return for you.May 7-9, 2017, the 19th session of the central plains, zhengzhou international machine tool exhibition, and good for a beautiful encounter.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)