Shandong cling to intelligent manufacturing development opportunity Booster machinery industry transformation and upgrading

5, sponsored by the shandong province by the letter committee 2017 mechanical parts industry in shandong province kinetic energy conversion between the old and the new intelligent manufacturing will held in chapter grave.

chapter grave, is located in the east of the shandong provincial capital jinan center, is a municipal district of jinan city.Strong industrial base in the region, transportation equipment, machinery manufacturing, fine chemical, food and beverage four big industry.In recent years, the old and the new kinetic energy conversion area in chapter grave positive construction, be shandong kinetic energy conversion between the old and the new leader.The first four months of this year, chapter grave completed investment of 6.38 billion yuan was provided.Jinan first machine tool car wheel processing industrialization of intelligent equipment special technical transformation projects, sales income is 150 million yuan, can be added by the new tax is 36 million yuan;Wright heavy alloy steel and non-ferrous metal forgings project, sales income is 500 million yuan, which can realize the new added tax is 66 million yuan.

in jinan, a machine tool production workshop, the wheel hub horizontal lathe processing equipment are stepping up production, will soon be shipped to Thailand.This is the first time shandong automobile wheel machine tool products are sold to countries along the way.

Li Mingye said: jinan first machine tool co., LTD. General manager & other;Realize unmanned manufacturing, and complete the automatic up-down material including automatic compensation, automatic processing, automatic detection, realize unmanned operation, to produce qualified products.Throughout the &;In

2016 shandong machinery industry main business income is

2016 yuan, accounting for 18.5% of the industrial, is important to promote the growth of industrial engine.Accumulated in whole province at present have 14 projects for national intelligent manufacturing special support, both in amount and quantity in the country.But compared with advanced provinces such as jiangsu, guangdong, shandong intelligence produce high-end equipment products, application of new model is not enough and the key problems such as the core technology of others and prominent contradictions.Shandong machinery design and research institute (

), dean of jianghai Lin said: & other;Research and development for the user process demand and key technologies of unit, automation of complete sets of production equipment, it is a development direction, who can seize the development of the new trend in the us an opportunity to grab our industry pattern, the change of the pattern of economic development the opportunity, who took us industry shifts kinetic energy gap.Throughout the &;