Asiamold mould expo pazhou, unveiled on March 1,

professional rich activities, create business opportunities for the participants,

, adopts the latest mold, die-casting and increase material manufacturing technology of Asiamold ─ mould expo, will be March 1 to 3, 2017 in guangzhou, China import and export commodities fair exhibition hall, with SIAF ─ guangzhou international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition held at the same time, two show the total exhibition area of 60000 square meters, with 795 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions.More than

years, Asiamold mould renowned industry exhibition, attracted a lot of famous brand enterprises, show industry in southern China’s appetite for advanced mold manufacturing, die-casting, metal processing, 3 d printing and automation technology products and solutions.Part of the exhibition in 2017 leading exhibitors include:

zhuhai gree precision mould co., LTD.,

, gree mould is one of the founding of gree electric appliances factory, for the first time the Asiamold, booth area of 126 square meters.After 30 years development, gree company has become a set product development, sample 3 d printing, mold design and production, tooling\/fixture supporting the mold design and manufacturing in a body’s oversize comprehensive enterprise, with a total investment of 6 billion, the annual output value of 1.2 billion yuan, mainly engaged in plastic injection mold, metal mold, precision mold and molding product development, production, sales, after-sales service, and provide intelligent production value-added services.

dongguan nai the cass precision die casting co., LTD.

dongguan nai cass after 80 years of development, the company of factories all over the world, become the world’s largest manufacturer of precision components, is a world-class leader of the trade, focus on manufacturing small and medium-sized precision zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy parts.The factory use patents and conventional die casting system, for the automotive, consumer electronics, telecommunications and other industries to provide a solution.

Garrett technology (huizhou) co., LTD.

Garrett group in the mainland of the pearl river delta region in shenzhen and huizhou has deployed its production base, is to provide magnesium, aluminum, zinc alloy die casting and injection molding industry leading enterprises, for 3 c electronic, auto and household industries such as the global well-known brands and local leading enterprises to provide from the product conceptual design, mold design and manufacturing, precision die casting and injection molding, assembling, nc machining, surface treatment, until the shipment of diversified one-stop service.More than 30 years, Garrett from a few small companies become listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange main board, has many subordinate enterprises, covers an area of more than 320000 square meters, more than 5000 employees, turnover 1.8 billion Hong Kong dollars group co., LTD.

emperor, mandy cable special chemical (Shanghai) co., LTD.

DSM is a leading supplier of high-performance 3 d printing materials, its Somos®Material to promote 3 d printing industry to a new level, is stereo light curing forming innovative materials.With the prototype material made of the product, can be used in aerospace, automotive, consumer products, medical, industrial, scientific research and other fields.

squad in addition to the diversification of the exhibitors, the exhibition also will usher in more than 60 buyers group, faw Volkswagen, guangzhou Honda, skyworth, amway, midea, pan old pharmaceutical, gree electric appliances, TCL, blue moon, VIVO, byd and other famous enterprises.In conjunction with the same period SIAF, the exhibition is expected to draw more than 65000 buyers from all over the world to explore business opportunities.

professional rich activities, create business opportunities for the participants,

asiamold is not only a trading platform, more people in the industry to provide a valuable learning opportunities.Through diverse activities during this period, the participants can be in-depth exchanges, explore the industry prospects and technology from all directions.One of the focus of the activity is a new launch & other;Intelligent manufacturing workshop & throughout;, composed of dongguan industrial co., LTD and rennie salt company, is a combination of the two enterprises from mould, 3 d printing and the overall production of industrial robot technology solutions.As for

widely recognized industry & other;Guangzhou international peak BBS mould and increase material manufacturing technology & throughout;, will be held to the first two days, a total of 12 different themes of the meeting, hosted by industry experts or speaker, topic covering the latest 3 d printing technology and mould technology.Heavyweight speakers and topics include:

& middot;Topic: graphene

speakers: 3 d printing and industrial application: xin 3 d technology (Shanghai) co., LTD., chief executive, Zhang Xiaoxun

& middot;Topic: 3 d green manufacturing & ndash;High-end metal parts forging milling

speakers: huazhong university of science and technology, distinguished professor, PhD supervisor, about

& middot;Topic: to mold Industry Laser quenching subversive reform

speakers: Han “s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd., technical manager, Ceng Jianna

& middot;讲题: 通快在模具制造中的激光解决方案

  讲者: 通快(中国)有限公司,产品经理,王锦军

  ·Topic: laser molten material increasing manufacturing metal 3 d printing technology and mould industry application

speakers: rainie salt (Shanghai) trading co., LTD. (UK), country manager, ma

& middot;Topic: metal 3 d printing in the application of the conformal cooling channel mold and case analysis

speakers: school of mechanical and automotive engineering, south China university of technology, professor liu bin

except the BBS, exhibition and a number of activities during this period, a total of a total of more than 20 high-end conference, covering more than 35 issues, market prospects for the industry analysis, introduces the latest technological breakthroughs, deconstruction industry trends and opportunities.

  设于1.1号馆的3D打印廊是另一吸晴展区,本届以“Light up the future & throughout;As the theme, the exhibits more than 60 pieces, focus on the 3 d printing into the real life, the exhibition works perfect display 3 d printing step by step, how to influence and infiltrate into real life applications, including consumer goods components, and used for mould, dental, spaceflight, auto precision components.

exhibition organized by the Frankfurt exhibition co., LTD., guangzhou, belong to a series of one of the members of the international industry exhibition, including formnext & ndash;法兰克福国际精密成型及3D打印制造展览会和日本INTERMOLD。来届formnext将于2017年11月14至17日于德国法兰克福举行。至于日本INTERMOLD,将于2017年4月12至15日于日本东京举行。