Industrial upgrading and promote machine tool industry demand, zhengzhou June machine tool exhibition buyers pre-registration opening in an all-round way


2017.6.2-4, zhengzhou international machine tool exhibition grand opening will be in zhengzhou international convention and exhibition center.Then, about more than 500 exhibitors from all over the country, exhibits gathering metal cutting machine, laser sheet metal, forging press;Industrial robots, function of machine tool parts, tools and accessories, such as the main exhibits, compete to show fully digital, automatic and intelligent and the cutting and forming technology, precision stamping and casting technology, industrial robot technology development platform and software industry such as the latest trend products, jointly interpret the new pattern of industrial development.

metal cutting, laser sheet metal two galleries in photograph reflect, zhengzhou machine tool exhibition booth sold

in henan province, as a traditional industry in 2016 with “made in China 2025 henan action guidelines for lead, structural reforms to the supply side, there are in the province’s industrial economic development stable.In 2016, focus on the development of the five leading industries of the equipment manufacturing industry’s main business income is 1.1481 trillion yuan, 1.076 trillion yuan, food industry of electronic information industry was 335.9 billion yuan, 263.4 billion yuan automobile and parts industry.Intelligent manufacturing become the breach of the industrial transformation and upgrading, in henan province in 2016 identified 10 13, smart smart factory workshop.Along with the development of the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry in henan, henan all kinds of equipment manufacturing industry and the production scale expansion of area along the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta industrial transfer and so on trend, at the same time, the rapid development of the intelligent equipment and application domain expands unceasingly, henan industry users increasing demand for high-end metal cutting and laser sheet metal equipment, henan manufacturing fast prompted the development of the machine tool manufacturing industry in henan market.The release of

the government’s strong support, market sector bonuses, manufacturing demand season, June 13th. Zhengzhou machine tool exhibition as the Midwest’s most influential industry event, the booth has been basically sold out, metal cutting area all over the country, attracting high quality exhibitors: Taiwan TMC YingHan hong jin, Japan, Taiwan, rich letter into grinding machine, jie with cheng, oprah di, heng on, CNC, guangzhou eastern nc, Taiwan Tan Xing, constant at Taiwan, and many other enterprises exhibition site, the display industry under 4.0 high efficiency, high precision, points out, intelligent, green machine tool equipment, will focus on the focus from the simple, durable, affordable technology to the high cost of high-tech production technology, with high automation for the main window.Traditional industrial enterprises to boost henan manufacturing smart shift.

& other;Internet + & throughout;Popularization become laser manufacturing technology in the powerful weapon to the full use of the manufacturing areas, in terms of laser manufacture in the process of manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing upgrade, laser manufacturing has played a very important booster role.13th zhengzhou machine tool show in laser sheet metal area is unusually hot, bystronic di can mount, macro, everbright laser, laser power star, celestica laser, laser chengtong machinery companies such as large area in successive years, the show will be there with the latest laser products, provide viewers with high speed and high efficiency processing technology, precision machining, shorten the production cycle.Invited last,

industry higher-ups have rearranged

6 month machine tool exhibition, exhibition of zhengzhou increasingly close, zhengzhou exhibition will be in the same industry expo and intelligent manufacturing equipment and robot exhibition, exhibition of zhengzhou logistics teamed up, is expected to share resource of the 6 w to the audience.Now invite audience, China merchants group accurate call VIP audience, at the same time with the help of the media industry, vigorously promote industrial concentration area, increase the professional audience group visit.Zhengzhou machine tools exhibition

so far, has reached a strategic cooperation with nearly 300 industry media, monthly reports show the latest dynamic, and will work in each big website in April visit channel setting, easy to visit the registration.At the same time in metal processing, CNC cutting tools, machine tools, sheet metal and fabrication, cloud alliance manufacture industry, luoyang machinery manufacturing network, luoyang machinery network, mechanical transmission, zhonggong WeChat platforms such as intelligent manufacturing release exhibition registration information, using a wide platform resources invite audience.At the scene of the exhibition will also has nearly ten in the show will be broadcast live across the industry well-known media.At present, cooperation with the media number is growing.

exhibition more precise audience at the same time send EDM mail;Exhibitors website microblogging, WeChat will be posted in real-time dynamic expansion of it and the promotion;50 users industry group of professional maintenance, covering more than 10000 industry directly, indirectly radiation hundreds of thousands of people in the industry circle of friends.In order to ensure the high quality audiences to

, the organizing committee of the united association of luoyang bearing, intelligent manufacture c associations organized groups to visit procurement.New industrial concentration area, at the same time, luoyang los linzhou city industrial concentration area, luoyang industrial agglomeration area, luoyang los dragon industrial park such as enterprise with high and new technology industrial development zone industrial park management committee for exhibition materials.Luoyang bearing industry association, henan instrument institute website uninterrupted progress reports show, can be directly for registration.The organizing committee will also continue to strengthen and industry association, the society, industry area management committee and other agencies to focus on invitation strength strong purchasing parties to be present to visit procurement.

at the same time, fixed investment promotion team of more than 30 people call has been started, the one-to-one 140000 buyers of precipitation data in the database calls, real-time audience purchase demand docking, show the most appropriate market products timely feedback the exhibitors.

the exhibition organizing committee joint exhibitors invited audience together, the organizing committee will be involved in every exhibitors custom exclusive H5 invitation, to invite audiences at the same time the top five set surprise gift.

and 2017 in zhengzhou machine tool exhibition will further optimize the structure of each big exhibition layout, the audience and the organization, through a comprehensive range of promotional, diversification of form a complete set of activities, exhibition service, promoting the development of reasonable and efficient central manufacturing industry.