Liaoning sigma CNC vigorously introduce talents cooperation research collaborative innovation

entered the liaoning sigma CNC machine tool co., LTD., machining workshop, the reporter saw a busy scene, the workers are working overtime rushed order products.In this workshop each month can produce 70-80 sets of CNC machine tool equipment, order has been ranked in July this year, year-on-year growth of 40%.

& other;Created when the company has been established based on market research and development, meet the personalized needs of customers, continuously to the development of science and technology innovation ideas.Our research and development, innovation investment always stay in the sales income of more than 5%, a few years down, accumulative total investment of more than 2000 ten thousand yuan.Throughout the &;Chairman of the board of directors of the company yun-shan zhou, sigma company started in 2002, from shenyang, 2008 move to tieling high-tech zone, has focused on CNC machine tool production, now has all kinds of machinery and equipment more than 100 sets, annual production capacity of 1300 units.Company leading product for the CK series fully functional reingistic economic nc machine tools, including patent products independent research and development at the core of the truss type automatic up-down material manipulator, CNC machining center, VTM5 axis nc car milling compound machining center, etc., to form the four series of CNC machine tool products, product research and development into production generation, reserve generation, research and development generation of virtuous circle.Main customers is the automobile, motorcycle and other spare parts processing enterprises, including big companies such as zhejiang, hangzhou zhaofeng, more than 200 companies.

the construction of science and technology innovation system, the core is with the innovative talents.Sigma company existing staff 220 people, including college degree or above in 34 82 people, engineering and technical personnel, senior engineer 4 people.Company is given priority to with internal technical personnel, hired in the same industry at home and abroad well-known experts, cooperative research, collaborative innovation.In 2016, the company under the coordination of the high-tech zone technology bureau and shenyang university of technology to establish relations of cooperation, and cooperation with shenyang service center of innovation design for project development.The appearance of the numerical control car milling compound machining center coordination with shenyang service center of innovation design optimization is the company, the current rendering has finished drawing.

in order to arouse the enthusiasm for the innovation of the scientific and technological personnel, protecting innovation achievements, the company timely filing patents for eligible innovation achievements, standardized management of independent intellectual property rights.Also combined with the fruits of patent title promotion, combined with compensation.In 2016, the company as the five engineering and technical personnel, senior engineer, 3 of them by reviewing the promotion completely, such incentive mechanism effectively arouse the enthusiasm of the talents of science and technology innovation.

in recent years, the sigma company increasing spending on research and development to form a series of independent intellectual property products, won the national patent technology 17, of which 9 invention patents, utility model patents and appearance design patent eight.Has been identified as national high and new technology enterprise of liaoning province, liaoning province enterprise technology center, enterprise intellectual property advantage.In 2016, the company’s new product production grew by more than 30%, and three national invention patents.3-5 every year the company applied for patents, so far, one hundred percent patented technology into scientific and technological achievements, is applied to the production of the direct economic benefits.Company new product update speed of about 30% each year, the continuous improvement process, produce meet customers personalized needs of mechanical processing equipment, to provide product support for the enterprise development.

innovation always on the road.Sigma co., LTD. Is a small manufacturing enterprises, the only control the CNC tool turret core component technology independent research and development of enterprises, greatly reduces the production cost.Companies focus on market, timely understanding of upstream and downstream enterprise development dynamic, constantly in pursuit of innovation and development, sales income 92.6 million yuan last year, an increase of 36% over the previous year.