Sandvik coromant scholarship award ceremony was held in tsinghua university

On May 25,

;Friends of the 2016 annual tsinghua – sandvik coromant scholarship award ceremony was held in the department of mechanical engineering, tsinghua university.Sandvik coromant central general manager, Mr Duan Yan mechanics department of tsinghua university party secretary, Mr Zhi-gang lv and award-winning students and teachers attended the ceremony.

first of all, the secretary zhi-gang lv address on behalf of the mechanics department, this paper introduces the development of engineering tsinghua mechanics, as a traditional subject, and points out that the mechanical professional is the cornerstone of the development of human society.Mechanical engineering itself has endless charm, machining cutting tool material, coating, process and technology are worth every student to study.Look forward to winning students can put this to use, and contribute to the development of manufacturing.Mr

sandvik coromant Duan Yan and zhi-gang lv secretary to award-winning students and 12 teachers award, express our heartfelt congratulations to them.The scholarship program in addition to reward mechanics department the academic record outstanding undergraduate and graduate students, and to set up innovative;Scholarships and employment;The gardener award to reward to the equipment manufacturing industry, the employment of graduates and employment for the students teachers have made outstanding contributions.

the winning student representatives to report the results and experience in the scientific research project, and to better serve the society in the future study, contribute to the development of national manufacturing.Award-winning teacher representatives also share with you the in the style of social workers and students employment guidance work experience, showed the comprehensive mechanics department of tsinghua university teachers and students.

finally, sandvik coromant Duan Yan central general manager, said the sandvik coromant has always been committed to actively carry out cooperation projects between colleges, scholarships, and create a professing summer internships for students.Sandvik coromant company and give full play to their strengths, tsinghua university, society and market needs of talents together, realize the win-win cooperation model.Looking forward to further cooperation and work together to promote the progress of machinery industry and new technology development.