Metal-cutting machine tools in China and accelerates the development of the industrial robot in period

In the first half of this year the overall recovery, China’s manufacturing industry intelligent upgrade continues to advance, maintain high sentiment robots and automation equipment.National bureau of statistics data show that between January and June domestic industrial robot cumulative production of 59000 units, up 52% year on year, in June, year-on-year growth is 61%, among the top of the various types of industrial products.June 1 – metal cutting machine tool cumulative output of 400000 units, up 8.7% from a year earlier.
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& have spentMetal cutting machine tools is the most widely used, the largest number of categories.From 2016 to present the warming of the wave machine tool market demand, rising metal cutting machine tool industry in our country in the scale of production capacity.As the automobile and parts, aerospace, mold, railway transportation equipment, engineering machinery, and other various types of equipment manufacturing industry production scale expansion and the formation of the global industry transfer trend, the strong demand for multi-level machine tool products and related industry, metal cutting machine tool manufacturing industry in China is developing in the acceleration period.
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accelerates the development of metal cutting machine tool industry in & have spentForward-looking industry research institute, points out that in countries introduced a series of policy intensive environment, driven by strong demand in the domestic market, metal cutting machine tool industry recovery capacity is obvious in our country, the continuous production to achieve positive growth in June, composite products in intelligence, high speed, and motors, multi-axis, etc, also made significant progress, in our country from the manufacturer to make strong based support plays an important role in the process.
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& have spentIn recent years, our country to promote transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, industrial robot production, large-scale manufacturing enterprises use of industrial robots, improve the manufacturing level and efficiency, on the basis of this, manufacturing to continue the introduction of cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence, make the manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.Meanwhile, more cutting-edge technology, such as visual perception, big data and cloud computing are also beginning to timely & artificial intelligence technologies such as otherFollow up & throughout;, the technology integration is to create the more profound industrial revolution.Which is the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing to meet the scene, that is, from automatic to intelligent, 4.0 on the German industry.
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industrial robots production surge & have spentNow with the artificial intelligence technology standards, business applications, product data, and collaboration as a whole to promote industrial upgrading, industrial robots ushered in the golden period of development.Manufacturing is with the aid of this emerging technology, artificial intelligence from automatic gradually to the intelligent transformation.Industrial robot as & other;Pearl on the crown of manufacturing & throughout;Gradually, in the process of manufacturing industry development in our country reflects its value.
& have spentIndustrial robot application market, and has also attracted the dalian machine tool, a large number of huazhong nc enterprises settled in guangdong industrial robot, also the industrial robot market in China to a new height.
& have spentFinally, small make up want to say is, as to the field of industrial robots and metal cutting technology innovation level unceasing enhancement, actively cultivate high-skilled personnel to master the latest processing method is crucial, cannot neglect. (this article is provided by Chinese machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)