Zhejiang jinyun county town in “machine cup” skills contest starts in September

By zhejiang province lishui city jinyun county department of human social security bureau, county, the county federation of trade unions and other departments jointly organized the jinyun county of “machine tool town cup 2017 professional skill grand meeting” registration work is in full swing today, this ability grand meeting activities will further enhance the overall quality of the practitioners of jinyun county machinery industry, promote the important measure of high-skilled talents team construction.& have spent

as we have learned, jinyun county this year will be organized to carry out the band sawing machine assembly (team projects), sewing machine assembly, 3 d printing, manipulator operation control (PLC), numerical control lathe work, maintenance of machining center operator, welder, fitter, small household electrical appliances manufacturing industry, fitness equipment production workers play projects.Then, from the county of all enterprises and “skills” will gather in the scene, to compete, for each project, each type of work’s awards.The winning player can not only get more fat bonuses, rewards, still can obtain corresponding levels of national vocational qualification certificate, “county technical experts”, “jinyun hundred workers” title of honor, “machine town” trophy.At the same time, for eligible award-winning athletes in the declaration of provinces and cities at the county level skills master studio, chief technician, “five a” master, model selection, the priority to be recommended.

Shenyang machine tool i5 intelligent manufacturing valley in hubei springing up

On August 15, hubei Zhong Xiang i5 intelligent manufacturing valley construction project site, 5 building 70000 square meters factory building, one of the building area of 5000 square meters workshop have been capped and completed the construction of infrastructure, one of the first 80 units from shenyang machine tool to the i5 intelligent machine tools have also been completed installation and debugging.

4 in shenyang machine tool and hubei zhongxiang government officially reached a strategic cooperation, promote the central i5 intelligent manufacturing valley project construction;In early may, complete intelligent manufacturing valley construction planning;In early June, 5 building workshop construction;In mid-july, i5 intelligent machine into valleys.I5 valley of intelligent manufacturing becomes the new engine Zhong Xiang equipment manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading, through high-end intelligent manufacturing attract scattered in the auto industry inside and outside the processing enterprises, the formation of industrial clusters.

, said an official with the shenyang machine tool on i5 intelligent manufacturing valley caused the attention of the regional internal and external enterprises of different industries, consulting, and heats up.There are two enterprises are deep discuss the scheme of the bag check in, one is from shenzhen enterprises, another is half shaft industry well-known enterprises in China.

, according to the controller introduces i5 intelligent manufacturing “Zhong Xiang speed” of the construction of the valley is zhongxiang focus on accelerating the development of high-end intelligent manufacturing was determined.Zhongxiang located in central hubei province, the han river middle reaches, it is the national experimental area for sustainable development, the state-level ecological demonstration area, the national scientific and technological progress advanced counties.In recent years, zhongxiang to build “JingZhong city new city” and “wisdom city” as the main body in the economic development strategy, strive to promote the city’s high-end manufacturing industry development.I5

intelligent manufacturing valleys will establish i5 intelligent manufacturing experience center, regional industry research and development center, intelligent test center, regional practice training center, center and remanufacturing industry data cloud, with modern service industry as the way to integrate social resources, in zhongxiang, and the surrounding area to form ecological intelligent manufacturing sharing.Central China i5 intelligent manufacturing valley project planning land of 1000 mu, is expected in the i5 intelligent equipment 10000 units (sets), is expected to 2021 annual sales income 6 billion yuan.

I first CNC servo pressure machine in two successful development

Recently, completely self-developed China’s first full numerical control servo pressure machine tools in China international exhibition in 2008, to the industry find everything new and fresh.Nc servo press marks the successful development of our country has mastered the core technology of stamping machine tool manufacturing, and to break the foreign monopoly in the field of technology.

exhibition of the CNC servo pressure machine is made of heavy duty machine tools and forging equipment is important production base in China??Qiqihar second machine tool group co., LTD. Made in research and development.Previously, our country has been unable to break through the servo pressure machine tool is the cause of development through traditional servo motor power is small, and foreign master the core technology of the servo motor the state exercises strict control over the technology transfer and product exports to China, to make our country in this area constrained for a long time.

people in the industry believe that this kind of motor coordination technology is unique in the world, and to break the monopoly on the Chinese market, large foreign servo motor enormous economic value.

Qi 2 machine tool press market commanding heights

Benefit from the growth of the downstream automobile and other industries, in the first half of this year, machine tool market overall trend “recovery”, high, medium and low-grade overall growth in market demand, the machine tool machine tool enterprises order more generally, forging equipment market demand growth is particularly significant.

as the old forging equipment production base of qi 2 machine tool, in the domestic auto industry revitalization become obvious beneficiaries, since last year, qi 2 machine press order began to surge, in the first half of this year and users, such as geely automobile has signed the 29 units of 300 million yuan of press contract, enterprises press contract total 630 million yuan.

qi 2 machine tool press technology enjoys a high reputation in the domestic automobile industry has been, as early as the mid – 1980 – s, China’s auto industry has just started, qi 2 machine tool is the Chinese the first introduction of komatsu press technology companies, has clouded leopard to Beijing jeep, guangzhou, tianjin xiali, liuzhou miniature cars, and many other car companies to provide equipment.In the early 90 s, qi 2 machine tool technology, and introduced the German erfurt press to provide faw-vw press production line.In more than 20 years, mastered the eastern and western different leading advanced technology of press qi 2 machine tool launched its own brand in the domestic and international market, become the second largest domestic press manufacturers, such as chery, geely, national car brand is the enterprise long-term customers.Since then, qi 2 machine tool in order to further improve the technical level, press to shorten the gap with foreign advanced technology, enterprise in recent years has been successively introduced the Swedish APT bedding-in try hydraulic technology and cooperation with Shanghai jiaotong university developed the technology of the servo press.In 2008, the enterprise and holds the world’s highest level of large-scale CNC transfer press the core technology of German Hank automation company signed the agreement of the imported technology.

CNC transfer press has been hailed as a revolutionary product of large stamping equipment, a transfer press can replace a composed of 5 ~ 6 large press production line, the productivity can be improved 2 ~ 3 times, is a large covering parts stamping car first choice of the most advanced equipment, the current domestic all rely on imports.

to promote the transfer press technology to realize industrialization, qi 2 machine tool plan future 2 ~ 3 years in anhui wuhu relying on chery automobile building heavy CNC transfer press industrialization base, at the appointed time, qi 2 machine tool with top technology will change the world press market pattern.At present, anhui wuhu press industrialization base project progress smoothly.

Tianjin day forging press co., LTD., the construction of hydraulic press development base in China

Tianjin industrial economy of the eleventh five-year plan outline clear, during the period of “11th five-year plan”, support the development of heavy precision efficient without cutting molding technology, and the mechanical and electrical holding group invested 1.5 billion yuan, the construction to super-heavy CNC hydraulic molding equipment, large heavy press and hydraulic press and other high-end heavy equipment for the leading product of heavy machinery products manufacturing base.
the reporter understands, for whom, tianjin day forging press co., LTD., is determined to firmly grasp the national revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry the opportunity and the tianjin binhai new area to accelerate the development of this major historical opportunity, with the major product of numerical control hydraulic press, day forging press co., LTD., as the core, to improve the ability of independent innovation of science and technology as the support, by “day forging” brand as banner, through integration of assets structure and resource structure of increment, promote economy rapidly.Strive for to 2010, the day forging production scale up to 1 billion yuan, enterprise comprehensive strength and step into international advanced level in the hydraulic machine manufacturing technology level.Great trust to live up to
of tianjin, day forging has worked out the feasible measures.First, as soon as possible will now municipal enterprise technology center in
upgraded to national hydraulic research and development center, build more high-level innovative platform for science and technology personnel.Day forging plans to invest 50 million yuan, the total area of 2007 square meters, built in 2007, the hardware and software to meet the domestic first-class scientific research building.Day forging has completed the national 863 plan big heavy precision efficient numerical control hydraulic press manufacturing informatization construction and completed the research and development of large remote long-distance control hydraulic press, completed a large remote CNC hydraulic press industrialization project of complete sets of equipment, etc.Second, desperately grasped the core technology.By high-speed, precise, flexible, the research of compound, key technologies, such as reliability, speed up the hydraulic press of modularization, seriation, standardization, system development, make patent ownership increasing at an annual rate of 20%, and strive to break through 500 total to 2010 patents.Third, increase the technological transformation, enlarge production ability.To be completed in 2010 with 1 billion yuan output value of manufacturing capacity, both on the premise of control the core technology and core parts, foster cooperative enterprises, to reorganize the overall layout, realize the scale level.They now plans to add 650 million yuan of investment in fixed assets, new super-heavy hydraulic assembly workshop, 3000 tons into a line of complete sets of products used for the assembly and debugging;New heavy duty nc machining workshop and hydraulic control system laboratory;All kinds of new modern equipment more than 30 sets.
days forging leadership confidence in building hydraulic press development base in China.According to insiders, the day forging receives
into this year’s sales are expected to exceed
yuan.From the existing contract amount, next year to reach 500 million yuan is not a problem.On such a growth, with three years to double to 1 billion yuan, is sure.