Qi 2 machine tool press market commanding heights

Benefit from the growth of the downstream automobile and other industries, in the first half of this year, machine tool market overall trend “recovery”, high, medium and low-grade overall growth in market demand, the machine tool machine tool enterprises order more generally, forging equipment market demand growth is particularly significant.

as the old forging equipment production base of qi 2 machine tool, in the domestic auto industry revitalization become obvious beneficiaries, since last year, qi 2 machine press order began to surge, in the first half of this year and users, such as geely automobile has signed the 29 units of 300 million yuan of press contract, enterprises press contract total 630 million yuan.

qi 2 machine tool press technology enjoys a high reputation in the domestic automobile industry has been, as early as the mid – 1980 – s, China’s auto industry has just started, qi 2 machine tool is the Chinese the first introduction of komatsu press technology companies, has clouded leopard to Beijing jeep, guangzhou, tianjin xiali, liuzhou miniature cars, and many other car companies to provide equipment.In the early 90 s, qi 2 machine tool technology, and introduced the German erfurt press to provide faw-vw press production line.In more than 20 years, mastered the eastern and western different leading advanced technology of press qi 2 machine tool launched its own brand in the domestic and international market, become the second largest domestic press manufacturers, such as chery, geely, national car brand is the enterprise long-term customers.Since then, qi 2 machine tool in order to further improve the technical level, press to shorten the gap with foreign advanced technology, enterprise in recent years has been successively introduced the Swedish APT bedding-in try hydraulic technology and cooperation with Shanghai jiaotong university developed the technology of the servo press.In 2008, the enterprise and holds the world’s highest level of large-scale CNC transfer press the core technology of German Hank automation company signed the agreement of the imported technology.

CNC transfer press has been hailed as a revolutionary product of large stamping equipment, a transfer press can replace a composed of 5 ~ 6 large press production line, the productivity can be improved 2 ~ 3 times, is a large covering parts stamping car first choice of the most advanced equipment, the current domestic all rely on imports.

to promote the transfer press technology to realize industrialization, qi 2 machine tool plan future 2 ~ 3 years in anhui wuhu relying on chery automobile building heavy CNC transfer press industrialization base, at the appointed time, qi 2 machine tool with top technology will change the world press market pattern.At present, anhui wuhu press industrialization base project progress smoothly.