The world largest force screw machine WTB made allows pressure

On August 1, 2008, the auditorium Shanghai jinjiang hotel is permeated with festive atmosphere, wuxi turbine blade co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the WTB) allows, Germany SMSMEER company, the China national machinery import and export corporation (CMEC) held here 350 mn clutch screw press import contract signing ceremony.The original machinery industry leaders, industry experts, the German consulate guests, wuxi municipal leadership, Shanghai electric (group) corp leadership and invited participants and delivered a speech.The participation the people from all walks of life, witnessed the small and solemn ceremony.

350 mn type clutch screw press is the strike force in the world’s biggest spiral pressure machine, is a national key strategic and equipment.It installed and put into production, not only can meet the production requirements of nuclear power heavy blade, also for aviation plate type of large aircraft research and development, production of high-performance forgings, lay a solid foundation, is the core of WTB implementation of “strategic expansion projects” allows a ring.

WTB is the equipment manufacturing industry in our country allows the turbine blade specialized enterprise.From the end of 1978 since its establishment, with the pace of reform and opening up, in ten years time to complete the 30\/60 mw steam turbine after three big leaf localization.Again in 20 years time, committed to the professional development of roads, into a professional enterprise, China’s largest power plant leaves.Annual leaves more than 200000 pieces, large blade not only the domestic market share of 70% or more, also began to enter the international market.During the next two or three years, the enterprise from the efficiency first to the progress of science and technology development, continuing to pour money into technical innovation, took the lead in the industry to complete the process from the traditional to the international advanced level, realized the blade digital processing technology transformation, which with the advantages of high-tech, high-quality products to win the American GE, France’s alstom and Germany’s Siemens, Japan famous companies such as Toshiba, Hitachi, mitsui, just three years, the foreign trade business has reached $20 million.

with the deepening of global economic integration, WTB has been trying to become the world first-class enterprise allows.In the autumn of 2005, the company leadership made the enterprise long-term development strategy: to meet the domestic market, both designed and refined specialized enterprise at the same time, using high-tech advantages, vigorously develop overseas market blades, blade supplier creating a global brand.At the same time, close to the national development strategy, advanced nuclear power, aviation, military fields, and your enterprise to do.In February

2008, WTB formal CMEC agent allows the introduction of the tender.According to the provisions of the international public bidding and process, after nearly three months of tough negotiations, WTB and allows international reputation in the mechanical design and equipment manufacturing SMSMEER company of Germany is 350 mn of clutch type spiral press purchase agreement, signed in August 1, 2008 formally.Signing of a contract of import of

350 mn type clutch screw press, marked the WTB to “first-class global blade supplier” and allows the goal of building a global high precision forging supplier is a major step forward again.Successful introduction of the world’s largest screw press, is the WTB in two years ago that allows, on the basis of numerical control processing technology upgrade, once again, to the promotion of forging equipment and technology to develop nuclear power company comprehensive large leaf and aerospace market has very important significance, WTB will be built allows leading technology, advanced equipment, first-class management of the global manufacturing center, to achieve a qualitative leap.