Tianjin day forging press co., LTD., the construction of hydraulic press development base in China

Tianjin industrial economy of the eleventh five-year plan outline clear, during the period of “11th five-year plan”, support the development of heavy precision efficient without cutting molding technology, and the mechanical and electrical holding group invested 1.5 billion yuan, the construction to super-heavy CNC hydraulic molding equipment, large heavy press and hydraulic press and other high-end heavy equipment for the leading product of heavy machinery products manufacturing base.
the reporter understands, for whom, tianjin day forging press co., LTD., is determined to firmly grasp the national revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry the opportunity and the tianjin binhai new area to accelerate the development of this major historical opportunity, with the major product of numerical control hydraulic press, day forging press co., LTD., as the core, to improve the ability of independent innovation of science and technology as the support, by “day forging” brand as banner, through integration of assets structure and resource structure of increment, promote economy rapidly.Strive for to 2010, the day forging production scale up to 1 billion yuan, enterprise comprehensive strength and step into international advanced level in the hydraulic machine manufacturing technology level.Great trust to live up to
of tianjin, day forging has worked out the feasible measures.First, as soon as possible will now municipal enterprise technology center in
upgraded to national hydraulic research and development center, build more high-level innovative platform for science and technology personnel.Day forging plans to invest 50 million yuan, the total area of 2007 square meters, built in 2007, the hardware and software to meet the domestic first-class scientific research building.Day forging has completed the national 863 plan big heavy precision efficient numerical control hydraulic press manufacturing informatization construction and completed the research and development of large remote long-distance control hydraulic press, completed a large remote CNC hydraulic press industrialization project of complete sets of equipment, etc.Second, desperately grasped the core technology.By high-speed, precise, flexible, the research of compound, key technologies, such as reliability, speed up the hydraulic press of modularization, seriation, standardization, system development, make patent ownership increasing at an annual rate of 20%, and strive to break through 500 total to 2010 patents.Third, increase the technological transformation, enlarge production ability.To be completed in 2010 with 1 billion yuan output value of manufacturing capacity, both on the premise of control the core technology and core parts, foster cooperative enterprises, to reorganize the overall layout, realize the scale level.They now plans to add 650 million yuan of investment in fixed assets, new super-heavy hydraulic assembly workshop, 3000 tons into a line of complete sets of products used for the assembly and debugging;New heavy duty nc machining workshop and hydraulic control system laboratory;All kinds of new modern equipment more than 30 sets.
days forging leadership confidence in building hydraulic press development base in China.According to insiders, the day forging receives
into this year’s sales are expected to exceed
yuan.From the existing contract amount, next year to reach 500 million yuan is not a problem.On such a growth, with three years to double to 1 billion yuan, is sure.