The modern New Year’s message of 2017 to the depth development of the industry

Today, when the industry malaise, constant pressure thin profits, and low-end labor-intensive manufacturing “escape” the Chinese, for the machine tool industry, we had to feel more and more turbulent cold.For modern wei and we have always firmly bound and manufacturing together, we are in manufacturing, and service in manufacturing.Looking back at the past 2016,

do project scheme, people may still think day and night are not idle;And there are some people who may already feel the crisis.Because, that seems to be a good sales in addition to some transformation successful enterprises seize the opportunity, there are many may only at the cost of lower profits and crazy promotion.Everyone took out an ace, also reduces the psychological expectations, compared to profits, how to survive the more important.

if that in China, will surely fail.Because China is not only a most potential market, is also a market full of unknowns.We can be curious, but do not dismiss;Can be patient, but do not slack off.Here is the longing for innovation, have made expectations for intelligence, old and new demand change constantly and alternative, the market is evolving, for machine tool industry, only positive change, continuous innovation, to the phoenix nirvana, ashes. At the end of

2016, we found that it did not imagine the frustration.With the efforts of all staff and clients, agents, under the joint efforts of the media, industry, and sales both overfulfilled our order, more customers one-time purchase single order exceeds more than 100 sets, broke through the same single sales record.In

2016, we are faced with many difficulties and setbacks, also many moving and harvest the fruit.In view of the manufacturing industry to upgrade the rising demand for high-end machine tools, we didn’t. Instead, the German design of high-end research and development, gather many five axis vertical machining center (XF6300) to China, and in a short period of time quickly won the favour of many customers.In

2016, we further strengthen the brand image shaping and ascension, through to the typical customer interview, deeper show a modern power in different customers strong understanding and perfect match.In

2016, we pay more attention to and customers in different levels and different point of view of communication.WeChat startup for customers bring more latest information on a regular basis;Zhangjiagang built with the multi-purpose hall of display and training related (preparation);In South Korea, with 1800 square meters super team attend SIMTOS exhibition at the same time, the factories were Open Day and global client appreciation activities;In China, also held dozens of factories Open Day and technical exchange activities.Such as a variety of, is all we return to the customer, the best proof of return to the market.

we’ve always said, and his own localization is a producer of “user”, in this area can provide not only precision equipment, also is not only a customized service, can copy these to some extent.Is our own rich experience with their own equipment, auto parts factory to provide customers with more lasting value: production experience and management pattern to draw lessons from, get seamless docking and fusion process, quality control is also easier.We are more willing to share and grow together.

winds in winter will come, is a challenge, more opportunities, this is an era of can make us better, home right here, is our main characters.We can do is, together with all walks of life to the survival of our warmth, and to undertake the responsibility of machine tools, active listening and fit their needs, active in the development process to solve they encounter difficulties, take the initiative to bring them a better update technology and management mode.