Domain of spaceflight of country of equipment of batch of machine tool of smooth foreign high-grade numerical control

Yesterday, the reporter learns from limited company of Dalian light modern science and technology, recently, organization of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference held limited company of Dalian light modern science and technology ” fiber-optic bus line opens type drive of system of high-grade numerical control, servo, survey system of system and electric machinery whole set ” with research and development of limited company of numerical control of Dalian division heart ” vehicle of mill of 5 axes vertical is complex machining center ” new product appraisal is met. The technical level of these products is by appraisal ” international is advanced level ” , appraisal committee chairman is held the position of by Lu Bingheng of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.
According to introducing, by two products of appraisal it is our country 16 science and technology are great and special in the content with numerical control special machine tool. Current, the 5 number of axle that limited company of numerical control of heart of division of the Dalian below division of group of Dalian light modern science and technology develops accuse compound machining center to infiltrate engine of Chinese spaceflight, aviation creates a company successfully already. Industry of aircraft of Shaanxi of industry of the boat in be after Dalian Guang Yangxian (group) limited company, medium engine of aviation of Li Yang of boat industry Guizhou (group) limited company, Harbin is limited company of group of Dong Anfa motive, medium boat lake. Applied result is favorable, can replace entrance product.
Come nearly 10 years, group of modern science and technology assumed Dalian light continuously national science and technology is great and special wait for main task 11, chair and participate in nation of system of formulate numerical control and occupation standard 7, own valid patent more than 300, passed ISO9001 ∶ 2000, the international attestation such as CMML L3, CE. Already compose built the technical catenary with high-grade full-rigged numerical control and industrial chain.