Swiss industry tycoon comes Changzhou makes machine tool of high-end numerical control produce a center

Yesterday afternoon, changzhou mayor Fei Gaoyun is in city administration center Tian Yuanxuan interviews George Fisher group a place of strategic importance of Yi husband · pulls presiding apparitor gentleman group.

As we have learned, founding to manage Fisher group at the tall 1802 is one extraction bound group of industry of first of banner, Switzerland, headquarters is located in a person of extraordinary powers of Swiss summer husband dark city. This group is dedicated at product of accurate machine tool, car and pipeline system business of 3 big core. Among them, one of branches of Wu of 3 great undertaking that group of Er of A Jixia rice is George Fisher group, it is supplier of Wu of kimono of solution of the machine tool with banner whole world, automata. The product enclothed electric spark to machine nicety of high-power of machine tool, high speed machining center of milling of nicety of high speed of linkage of milling machining center, much axis, and changing main shaft of nicety of knife system, high speed clamping apparatus system, pallet changer system, automatically is all.

Group of Er of rice of A strange summer was in 2007 Changzhou high new developed area is solely invested establish Changzhou limited company of machine tool of Er of A Jixia rice. Since this company joined movement 2009 oneself, maintained high speed growth for years continuously, sale exceeded 250 million RMB 2014, profit tax exceeds 11 million yuan. This year, this company is obtained again ” company of new and high technology ” title. This group plans to be in a company former address extend 2 period project, add workshop newly to make an appointment with 10000 square metre, introduce center of laser beam machining and high-end electric spark machine product, make Changzhou company the manufacturing center of machine tool of high-end numerical control.

Fei Gaoyun expresses to welcome ardently to the guest’s arrival. He says, intelligent manufacturing industry is facing significant progress opportunity currently, it is China put forward ” industry 2025 ” strategic general wait for crucial link around foundation of transition of innovation drive, intelligence, aggrandizement, and advanced make, the key domain such as high-end equipment accelerates development; 2 it is Su Na of Changzhou body part own innovation demonstrative area, hopeful obtains more policy to give aid to; 3 it is one of base that Jiangsu visits a Changzhou to label intelligence to make, these the development of manufacturing industry of will great stimulative intelligence. And group of Er of A Jixia rice has very large force in itself of this one domain, seize current significant progress opportunity, will obtain huge gains.

The support that since a place of strategic importance of Yi husband · pulls a gentleman to build a plant to often investing, various government gives and service thanks. He says, the factory of Changzhou develops very well now, be certain the meeting is better henceforth, because will plan to enlarge investment next, produce new product.

Xu Xinmin of municipal government secretary-general accompanies guild to see.