Machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty will exhibit at CCMT mill of car of much axis linkage is compound machining center

   Come 21 days month 25 days in the CCMT2008(4 that will hold at next month at Beijing, exhibition of machine tool of Chinese numerical control) go up, machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty basically will exhibit compound machining center of VTM180 Che Xi, VTM180/5 compound center of Che Xi of 5 axes linkage, SCJ1000 is plastic and hollow the product such as machine.  

    VTM180 is the demand that machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty is aimed at the motivation such as dynamo, hydraulic turbine, turbine to equip, the has own intellectual property new generation that develops development is large and compound machining center, also be the company develops the heavy-duty and accurate machine tool that give successfully first. Lead plane of this machine tool has 6 axes 4 linkage function, for center of mill of car of vertical of numerical control of lathe bed type, carrying capacity of workbench diameter 1800mm, workbench 15, 000kg. Through be being placed to outfit of workpiece, can finish namely large the turning function that place establishing a car has, can fulfil the milling function that large pentahedral Long Menxi has again.  

    This machine tool applies to aerospace, shipbuilding, generate electricity, machinery of war industry, serious chance, engine, machine tool, spin, printing machine instrument, mould is made wait for an industry. Have 6 axes the 5 axes of VTM180/5 of 5 linkage function linkage car mill is compound center, still reach the treatment of integral impeller at bevel gear of the component of appearance of large and intricate geometry in afore-mentioned industries, large helix applicably.  

    Group of machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty is the bibcock company that Chinese accurate machine tool creates, also be the domestic company that develops the hollow machine, epispastic machine, aircraft that note model the earliest.