SKF returns market of industry of Chinese machine tool

“The purpose that this second ginseng exhibits SKF tells Chinese machine tool the industry namely, we returned this market! ” vise general manager of SKF China limited company holds Lin Weiji of industry government manager concurrently to say:

“SKF should assist industry of Chinese machine tool to take market of international high end! “SKF should assist industry of Chinese machine tool to take market of international high end!!

Be in high accuracy bearing that they exhibited to use at machine tool industry on CIMT2007: Horn contacts sealed high accuracy bearing series; Nitrification gold series and nitrogen change bearing of silicon cylinder roller (SNCRB) . In the meantime, still rolled out oil gas lubricant system: A system that the name is VOGEL can satisfy the applied requirement of equipment of new generation high speed, it is especially in key application, protective equipment averts the interference that suffers breakdown. The system can offer all lube, grease, or what oil gas measures is accurate and metric, be close to the effectiveness that bit more lubricant lubricant parameter lubricates with assuring through be being monitored continuously. This system can assure to process the reliable work of the process not only, and the locomotive condition with can satisfy main shaft and advanced bearing normal.

“The course of study of machine tool of intellectual equipment China that uses SKF ” , forest always think, at present market of Chinese machine tool is in a kind of troubled condition, he says: “Very much business is what the client should buy what do they offer, and regard an enterprise as the tenet of the service with this. It is incorrect so, the technical level of company of a lot of home is finite, what they don’t know sometimes just suit them, do not know how to cast off difficulty. SKF can tell him how to have cost government, how to raise the water of the product to taste. SKF offers the administrative program of totle drilling cost for the user, and it is a product merely anything but. And it is a product merely anything but..

A very convincing case, shanghai Zhen Hua, one does haven to move the company of aircraft equipment. Country’s smallest company is 9 years ago, and development becomes whole world leader now. SKF amid acted ” the chancellery that consider a fate ” part. They offer program of government of totle drilling cost for Shanghai Zhen Hua, shortened their industrial value catenary, promoted the development of this company.

To return industry of Chinese machine tool afresh, SKF company made sufficient preparation. Forest always say: “We are wholy-owned bought SNFA company, the high accuracy bearing that this company produces can say to go up is ” patristic class ” . Henceforth, can produce the effect of this company adequately, serve market of Chinese machine tool.

SFK regards the international that having 100 years of histories as big company, service limits undertook the whole thing not only on the century is all and new-style the invention of bearing, more the world contributed bearing life, bearing fatigue, rolling friction, lubricant wait for complete set theory and relative standard, understand with 100 years of mechanical to rotating profundity and use experience richly, become chief of official recognition of world bearing domain. 2007, the target of SKF is, drive industry of Chinese machine tool to develop quickly, enterprise of machine tool of the China that help strength marchs market of international CNC high end. In the meantime, implementation sale breaks up.