The prospective hole that the machine tool develops sees

Use same table machine tool to finish milling, turning, auger cut a lot of benefit that waits for working procedure place to bring to mean much task machine tool to be being welcomed increasingly. Need not change between different machine tool, and the advantage clearly that can finish a spare parts to machine on same table machine tool. This increased not only with punctual make the possibility that has production, also raised the accuracy of treatment at the same time. A kind of of nowadays new trend is, the torque when main shaft rotates and power are greater and greater; Another kind of trend is to control a system to become more powerful, flexibility is taller, and can move to a few direction. Still a kind of trend is appearing in automobile manufacturing industry at present. The successive and automatic type that traditional small lot produces is semi-automatic product line is being mixed by machining center place of special type machine tool is replaced, such doing is to win taller flexibility and faster installation time. Process a trade as to average machine, a similar trend is the CNC machine tool that replaces a few traditions by much task machine tool. Face us the current situation of this industry, will prospective machine tool develop toward wh which direction? By the development that who will come to drive it? ” metallic cutting world ” at this point the problem consulted manufacturer of beds of 4 large scale computer — campstool of Demaji, Mu Ye, Shan Qi machine of Ke Hesen essence. It is the introduction of Mu Ye company above all. Uwe Speetzen of manager of department of business of German herd tough company says, “We basically offer a product for high-tech industry, the demand that is this industry promoted our product development. Our business basically emphasizes particularly on to reach spaceflight aviation industry at the car, and agricultural machinery and industrial component. Their collective place is the demand that produces efficiency, quality and dependability to Gao Sheng. ” ask like German auto industry strict client is having the biggest effect to product development so. Besides a kind of price relatively besides Lian Yi’s model, mu Ye does not produce low cost machine. Speetzen say, “March repeatedly even the enterprise of hamster area also asks high quality product. ” machine tool of high quality nicety already formed a main professional field. Mu Ye is the machining center equipment that supplies part of manufacturing aluminous structure to airbus group one of sole suppliers. This asks accurate machine tool has advanced main shaft technology and athletic control capacity, in order to offer high-powered the cutting ability with pinpoint accuracy. Speetzen says, “To motion control has the mould machine tool of high demand, market demand is very big also. In addition, we are being machined through milling and discharge (EDM) solution, to miniature the way of treatment application develops. We provide the software that develops by oneself, and but the robot system that all sorts of integrated differring. The key that we pay close attention to is pinpoint accuracy. ” are all machine tools muti_function? Speetzen replies none hesitantly, “It is absolutely. ” Les Pratt of manager of sale of company of gram of campstool of British hill Qi thinks, machine tool development basically is promoted by engineer and stylist place, they still are in charge of conformity all sorts of new application plan. But he expresses, the client always can adopt these machine tools quickly to innovate, at the same time development staff always also is the need that focuses the central issue in the client go up. Pratt says Ke Zhengchao wears hill Qi campstool the way of 5 axes machine tool develops, this kind of machine tool can produce a prism body part that has many faces. He says, “This decreased to change the number that holds clip. In same can complete all operations locally, can say it offerred all sorts of infinite opportunities. ” this kind of equipment is much task machine tool, can realize small lot production, and produce cycle weak point and operation diversification. This technology is promoting machine tool development, and in this one domain, promote ceaselessly to raising the demand that produces efficiency to also be in. “Client demand machine is had as far as possible the ability of diversification, gram of hill Qi campstool must is opposite this makes response. This kind of diversification is our successful key. ” Pratt say. But the function that even if is individual machine tool is very main also. The machine tool must have more use nowadays, this is meant should ensure cutting tool can satisfy those requirement. For example present turning center should execute more and more milling operations, les Pratt explains. “Cutting tool and new machine tool are developed together, this are very important. We wait for a problem to produce business to raise a requirement to cutting tool with respect to power, speed and tigidity, at the same time requirement cutting tool has stronger versatility, make its can apply with a variety of means. New technology makes the machine tool that has more use can supply the market with reasonable price, this is the another characteristic of new-style and improved machine tool. ” Pratt says, “Get ready in the client it is very important also to when accepting these new machine tools, intensify developing, such they can invest capital already, can master adequate knowledge again. Nevertheless a lot of clients can absorb new technology immediately, and from which benefit. ” so Japanese circumstance how? The sale ministry of dark essence machine answered this one question with written form, explain: Regard a whole world as the enterprise, its motivation is to try hard to make the world ceaselessly the biggest, most the international manufacturer that gets center of turning of valued lathe, machining center, much axis and grinding machine. This company points out, “Product development is satisfying client demand and respect of development of stimulative company future to having very main effect. ” at present dark essence machine is developing European market centrally, the market share that is in this area because of the company is not large still. Total value of market of European machine tool was 15 billion dollar about 2004, for 2.5 times of market of Japan of 6 billion dollar. In last few years the most important machine tool development includes new DCG series (machining center) with NL series (lathe) . In dark essence machine the hope has the field of outstanding performance, these two series are crucial. DCG is ” in drive of centre of gravity ” English abbreviate. The sale ministry of dark essence machine still points out, “Be far from the centre of gravity of the object as a result of the position that is urged, because this is being quickened,produce vibration with the meeting when decelerate. And be being quickened and a few little vibration produce when decelerate, it is because of the position that is urged and object centre of gravity is not in same point. ” sale ministry continues to explain say, “We place parallel of lever of silk of two pairs of ball and at the same time drive, achieve the result that drives to object centre of gravity thereby. We solved all problems that concern with vibration, improved quickly / decelerate and exterior quality. ” and NL series uses a kind of innovation ” inside buy electromotor turns tower ” . This designs the quantity of heat that produces through reducing drive component place, realized stable tigidity. As to the importance that will achieve company goal through designing innovation cutting tool, sale ministry is summed up, “We think to be in shorten on total pitch time and the issue that promote a client profit, it is crucial that tool manufacturer and machine tool manufacturer cooperate hand in hand. Integrated machine tool and cutting tool make efficiency of farther promotion production becomes reality. ” so in light of the point of view that makes from cutting tool, what did Shanteweikekeleman’s expert consider as to drive a machine tool to develop? Chris Mills of application development manager says Shanteweikekeleman, “The main problem that I think this should develop place to face with cutting tool is identical — the improvement that makes the flexibility that go up, property and application are new-style composite material and spare parts. ” the newest trend that he also pointed out much task machine tool, this kind of machine tool besides improvement give attention to two or morethings is returned besides function flexibility, can conclude for brand-new cutting tool application thereby new requirement. Chris Mills explanation says, “We look newest the product that roll out is very clear. We have cutting tool of a kind of combination, can have milling and turning process, and a kind of replaceable artificial operation is hind to bore go the cutting tool of burr. It is 5 years ago, we still will imagine this meeting is one of methods that promote production efficiency very hard. ” he emphasizes at the same time, because appeared more unmanageable new material and more complex form, the function with their much better requirement and the capacity that increase newly, the difficulty that the result makes the spare parts is machined also was increased. Mills final explanation says, “The property development that lasts accordingly and the control to prospective trend and technology are promoting the development of treatment application. “The property development that lasts accordingly and the control to prospective trend and technology are promoting the development of treatment application..