5 lathe do not amount to mark to recoup a loss 140 thousand

   On November 18, pass the mediation of association of industry of Taiwan businessman of city of elder brother hill, manufactory of hardware of abundant of limited company of metals of some machinery of Wu Jiang city and city of elder brother hill harding iron reachs intercessory agreement: 5 lathe make the processing that return money entirely, remand buy payment for goods 210 thousand yuan, recoup the pecuniary loss such as cost of man-hour of manufactory of hardware of abundant harding iron, artificial cost one hundred and forty-three thousand five hundred and fifty-three yuan.
On November 5, yuan Quanjin of factory manager of mill of hardware of abundant harding iron will offspring industrial and commercial substation states Shan Zhouzhuang: This factory this year on June 15 to the stage endowment limited company of metals of some machinery of city of enterprise Wu Jiang buys Taiwan to produce ” the name is in relief ” card 15 model accurate cam lathe 5, money paid for something purchased or received for something sold every fifty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, add up to payment for goods 299 thousand yuan, pay on the spot 210 thousand yuan are rectified. After can purchasing installation, the product after classics technology personnel is debugged cannot achieve a requirement however. Hind although agency also sends technical personnel, technician to come to a factory for many times,undertake debugging, but the error level that product precision still cannot reach manual place to set.