BMEI rolls out machining center of 4 new-style vertical

    Inc. of hi-tech of Beijing Electromechanical courtyard (BMEI) rolled out machining center of 4 new-style vertical recently, it is BV85, BV55-100, BV80-150 and BVR400 respectively. It is reported, BMEI general seriation, specialization, in designing a concept modularly to blend in a product, products plan more show human nature to change, product function more essence of life allows and reliable.
BV85 vertical machining center was 2001 BMEI is advanced in the round modular of the first series of product train of thought improved, also be have the aid of at carrying on country 863 tackle key problem a positive result that the project boosts industrialization of groovy vertical machining center. Relative to at old product character, BV85 specifications is more stable, suit batch production.
Machining center of BV55 series vertical is BV series upgrade edition, integral performance has rise substantially. Opposite at BV series, its Y axis somewhat broaden, broaden of lathe bed itself is aggravating, benefit at increasing overall stability; Internal composition is more reasonable at the same time, make bits of cooling, platoon, lubricant etc the function is more perfect; Pillar exceeds norms to increase, made sure pillar structure stiffness rises with what combine stiffness, make whole machines and tools has good tigidity and precision to maintain a gender; Norms of Z axis slideway is increased, be helpful for overall stiffness promotion; Main shaft unit uses national patent technology, top rotate speed can be amounted to 15, 000r/min.
Machining center of vertical of BV80-150 positive drive can satisfy low speed big torque and the requirement that high speed high-power machines at the same time, the treatment that applies to the difficult treatment material such as alloy of large surplus cutting and high strenth steel, high temperature, titanium alloy, can apply extensively at car, mould, spaceflight, war industry, shipping, average machine to make wait for an industry. Compare BV55, its norms is bigger, more professional also. Its Y axis has 4 guide, pillar uses herringbone structure, with lathe bed combinative scale span amounts to 1220mm, made sure pillar structure stiffness rises with what combine stiffness, overall tigidity and precision maintain a gender good.