Number of feed inlet accuses the characteristic of machine tool equipment and maintenance train of thought

   It is good that some people think number of feed inlet controls device with bad to repair, this basically knows inadequacy to cause to its characteristic. Number of feed inlet of foster cordial relations between countries wanting dimension controls device, should know its characteristic above all, spread out maintenance train of thought in the light of these characteristics, judge breakdown to benefit somewhat to accurate, apace.

One, the quality that must not have blind faith in number of feed inlet blindly to control device

Importing numerical control equipment is the product that science and technology of current and foremost edge uses mostly, but because manufacturer is brash mount a horse, without test of enough effectiveness for a given period of time, design of existence of hard to avoid, make not perfect part. The crock aperture honing machine that purchases from German GEHRING company, use technology of advanced servo of numerical control hydraulic pressure, better land solved the closed-loop control that to reticulation angle, deepness, crock Kong Zhi diameter reachs cylinder to spend. This company is a well-known company that is famous in the world, its open the laser honing technology that give out newly to experimenting in Benz factory, it is reported is very successful. But the equipment that is production of such a well-known company, after using a year many, often happen to move indescribably to be interrupted suddenly, equipment jockeys wait for breakdown. After be being started afresh sometimes, return to normal, should relapse for many times sometimes ability is normal, do not have a problem for some time continuously sometimes, give an issue continuously however sometimes. Call the police information shows " SYSTEM COMMUNICATION " systematic communication breakdown.

This kind of phenomenon says to do commonly ” soft breakdown ” . At first suspicion is be caused by of interference of noise of electrified wire netting, harmonic, undertook detecting to quality of electrified wire netting then. Detect the report shows, harmonic of electrified wire netting exceeds bid, the proposal filters. Usually, quality of harmonic of electrified wire netting exceeds bid mostly. Interference of electrified wire netting is external cause merely, function of integral interference rejection just is internal cause. Equipment of entrance numerical control has noise of simple electrified wire netting to filter mostly technology, the ability after using a year many gives an issue, showing a system is interference of can counteractive outside. Nowadays, or is outside interference becomes strong, or is function of systematic interference rejection becomes poor. From other number of feed inlet accuses equipment to be able to move normally inside the factory look, probable it is systematic issue. Making discover when the experiment to GEH A25 module, this module is in switch on the mobile phone there is an obstacle when communication, online rate is slow, interference rejection function becomes poor, just by lead plane oversight. Change after a new module, equipment runs stability, breakdown disappears.

The patent product that so this CNC-GOP system is GEHRING company and SIEMENS company joint development, special function is strong, control stability of convenient, function. Because be the system of new development, did not pass test of enough effectiveness for a given period of time, interference rejection, stability is poor. Actually, a lot of manufacturer that create technical forward position at equipment are put in similar problem. So, cannot idolatrous west hi-tech, should see even if advanced technology still also is in development, put likely still in blemish. The more advanced technology has drawback more possibly. When maintenance imports numerical control equipment, the technology that should admit it already is advanced quality, want ground of be practical and realistic to see its inadequacy again.

2, should analytic ground is read call the police information

Design of part of control of system of entrance equipment numerical control is rigorous, one looks those who be like minimum is unusual also can take in call the police entry, let a machine likely stop. In repairing number of feed inlet actually to control equipment process, read call the police information is to seek what repair quickly the basiccest also be the most convenient method. But either every information is credible, every information can be taken use. Call the police variously in items in information, a lot of likelihoods have misdirect effect possibly even to maintaining no use, should be good at from these information discard the dross and select the essential, go the holiday is put true.

For example, the grinding machine of numerical control cam that German SCHAUDT company produces, it is peach of cam of a grinding model CBN grinder. Switch on the mobile phone every time, can appear one pile calls the police. It is to just switched on the mobile phone actually, a lot of preparation conditions still are not satisfied temporarily those who cause, it doesn’t matter is practical meaning.

, the machine tool calls the police show " Filter Of Oil Dirty " static pressure systematic filter is dirty. Slip of this equipment main shaft is used static press float slideway. Tear open filter next cleaning, but still call the police after mount; Fetch mount of a new filter, calling the police still is indelible. Examined PLC carefully to call the police code, search this breakdown to call the police down code the condition is static the pressure sensor that presses float slideway does not work. Explanation of this breakdown design is: Understand when induction of this pressure sensor is less than pressure be is filter stems. But pass scrutiny, filter is good, just is pressure sensor has a problem, should issue signal and did not issue signal.

One calls the police of information give, imitate of stylist basis PC gets, not be him the experience experience that old scene maintains, often be to press groovy logic design, contain architect individual to be opposite the understanding element of imitate result. The happening that can be breakdown often is beyond accident, still want to go according to breakdown phenomenon and random data inference, judgement. Call the police to what the machine offers information, true attitude is: Cannot not believe absolutely, but cannot believe completely. Cut not credulous call the police information, do not fall into a holiday to call the police the trap of information.

3, be about when the machine tool just began to use very complete backup

Equipment of entrance numerical control applied technology of contemporary microelectronics numerical control to undertake administrative with the PC mostly, should say to use PC management CNC-PLC and OP system, the operation function to the machine tool, can defending performance was to have very big rise. But if forgot seasonable backup, once the machine tool produces program or parameter to lose, can bring a trouble. Especially below the circumstance with all sorts of computer rampant virus, undertake backup to PC system more be necessary.
After holiday, equipment of an entrance numerical control switchs on the mobile phone signal lamp of occurrence OP face plate twinkles call the police. Classics examination, affirming is SIEMENS system interior parameter of CNC, PLC was lost entirely. Immediately undertakes the program resumes the work, convey the data such as the CD that brings in the data when the entrance, floppy disk after taking a system, the machine still cannot run. So these data are the backup that manufacturer does when leave factory mostly, move through trying after debugging the movement that reachs the spot, partial program, especially the parameter of great majority has very overhaul changes. Especially SIEMENS system asks by European safe level, after the program is written, undertake the subscription of user agreement even. If at hand does not have newest backup, do not be familiar with restore a system again, with respect to can special passivity.

The passivity after how ability avoids to lose an order happens? Should make worst case namely — the preparation that produces hard disk damage. After hard disk damages, everything tries hard to cannot undertake. Of course, making new systematic hard disk afresh also is likely, but in importing numerical control equipment mostly hard disk of dispute mark. Some can use jotter hard disk to replace, but this kind of assurance that tries a success is not very big. Create a company to the car especially, requirement equipment is in as far as possible the rehabilitate inside short time, give out impossibly too much time goes hard disk resumes the work.

Lose suddenly to handle the systematic order of likelihood happening, the method of effective has following a few kinds:

(1) the D to PC hard disk dish make complete backup, must want to tag the type of name of clear file name, product, parameter, important label such as date. This is the basiccest also be the most convenient backup method, once machine program or parameter happen,lose can undertake resumptive the work instantly. Once PC oneself occurrence breakdown cannot undertake the program resumes the work,defect is.

(2) the D in the PC dish, to the system dish C dish make GHOST backup. This is one copes with PC system breakdown (include virus to destroy) simple and easy and efficient method, sometimes all methods that reduce toxin did not give a system afresh dish C dish GHOST restores to come effectively. It is better that GHOST chooses V 7.50 version to run the effect below DOS.

(3) backup of GHOST of content of PC hard disk quarter collection enters CD. On the safe side of this kind of method, it is the good method of file of the backup outside machine.

(4) duplicate hard disk. This is the safest, reliable method. Buy the new hard disk that agrees completely with the PC together, the appropriate after duplicating is saved, once produce breakdown of PC hard disk, change backup hard disk immediately. The advantage is fast and reliable, defect is cost tall.  

4, comprehensive system consideration, scientific reserve spares parts

Move normally to make sure number of feed inlet accuses equipment aborning, advocate oneself to start work the parts of an apparatus that repair already damaged. But numerical control parts of an apparatus is general technical content is high, have intellectual property protection mostly, cannot easily repair, must lay in necessary spare parts. Spare parts lays in the size of the quantity and breed choice, it is an open to question topic all the time, reserve is too much take up capital has been measured big, form waste; Reserve is too little, cannot satisfy manufacturing need again. Number of feed inlet accuses the spare parts of equipment to lay in, can decide according to the following elements:

(1) 5% what lay in a quantity not to break through price of the equipment when purchasing commonly, of course this is a referenced quantity, specific the other element condition that still should treat this equipment.
(2) consult the machine that imports numerical control equipment, report is complex coefficient. Complex coefficient is big, corresponding reserve is measured but largish, conversely, but a bit small.
(3) pick the numerical control system that revises same manufacturer when purchase as far as possible, so OK huge is managing spare parts charge.
(4) the soft hardware case that place of equipment of entrance numerical control makes is distinguishing. To belonging to the product that proper motion of manufacturer of a few production develops, should the basis offers goods condition as far as possible full amount reserve. Because these spare parts to offer goods channel normally narrow, procurement cycle is long, belong to ” forestall product ” , be necessary ” precautions averts perils ” .
(5) supply a circumstance to undertake laying in according to the market. Wait for a product like SIEMENS of popular goods of dependable quality, FANUC, market supply of goods is enougher, can purchase date of delivery according to its right amount reserve. Short-term can be purchased, can defer to purchase, date of delivery is longer, can purchase appropriately.
(6) according to producing yield certain spare parts lays in a quantity. Spare parts reserve, in the final analysis produces bos to break normally for safeguard namely and undertake ” insurance investment ” , crop is bigger, “Cast keep the specified number ” bigger, this accords with economic rule. The reserve amount that two production should compare Chanbansheng to produce is large, conversely, can consider to be reduced appropriately.