Numerical control machine tool: “With ” with ” go to ” must strengthen cooperation

Current, industry of tool of our country machine tool is in a first-rate development period. Build those who achieve new-style state goal to put forward, “915 ” program, ” long-term science and technology develop program outline in the country (2006, 2020) ” and ” a certain number of opinions that the State Council revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry about accelerating ” promulgate, the abidance of national economy develops more quickly smoothly, the fast and healthy progress that is industry of machine tool tool created very favorable macroscopical environment. Accordingly, downstream enterprise must seize rare opportunity on industry of tool of our machine tool, strengthen cooperation, make concerted effort drives a career to develop ahead.

Industry of tool of our country machine tool gets rapid development nearly two years, but evaluate with respect to whole, in still be in promotion and ascensive process. Current and character, machine tool industry of our country numerical control and photograph of foreign a person of same business are compared, change in intelligence, nicety is made, range of functional component tripartite still occurs apparent difference.

Digitlization controls rapid development of the technology, make machine tool function especially intelligence is changed gain revolutionary headway; Of level of accurate production technology rise, make design of machine tool structure produces very big change. In the meantime, rise ceaselessly as what lead plane development asks objectively, functional component also is mixed in breed, norms, level the respect such as unit technology achieves very great progress. Whole confidential begs high speed, requirement drive precision rises, so functional component also should have corresponding change. The rapid development of breed norms seriation, make user or leader plant have sufficient condition to undertake choosing to functional component.

Should narrow the difference of as advanced as international level, raise industry of machine tool of our country numerical control to develop a standard, urgent affairs is to must strengthen production branch and the clasp of use branch. Strengthen this kind of collaboration to want below 3 administrative levels fluctuate kongfu.

— , should update cooperative concept

On this one problem, somes the liability of the manufactory is bigger. Our manufactory produced very big change two this years, especially since plan of A of group of Shenyang machine tool and B plan move are carried out, the industry had new breakthrough on service concept, had on the action span greatly, level of service of entire to rising industry removed important guiding action. Group of Dalian machine tool, Jinan a lot of mainstay businesses such as one machine tool factory of group of heavy-duty machine tool, Beijing also adopt group of 2 machine tools, Wuhan in succession measure, modelled better new form to the user. Update cooperative concept, the manufactory should solve service idea problem above all, what this also needs to use an unit is close cooperate, had done the following business jointly.

It is to strengthen groom. Groom can make an user sufficient know machine tool property, can undertake be communicationed adequately to using medium issue. This is an important step, can reduce quality problem to lowermost limit. Production company of domestic machine tool is right now of the user groom insufficient still system and perfect, we must change this kind of condition, both sides of supply and demand wants to cooperate closely, solve seriously groom problem, the problem that appears the likelihood in use process is eliminated before delivery.

2 it is to do good machine tool to installation is debugged and check and accept the job seriously, should have solved first treatment problem particularly. Buying a machine tool is to use, selling a machine tool is to create value to the user, buyers and sellers wants to cooperate closely, had solved first product treatment problem, make sure the machine tool is successful put into production. Want to raise the performance characteristics of the machine tool on this foundation, enlarge the scope of application of the machine tool, if make full use of,have software, the application software that asks according to the user joint development is new.

3 it is to had solved close-fitting service problem. B of group of Shenyang machine tool plans to carry out a year many to come the deepest experience is close-fitting service, won 197 many yuan 15000 order. Another meaning of close-fitting service is the user cooperates a manufactory actively to solve the problem as soon as possible. Machine tool business should have solved occurrence problem, stabilize a batch of users to become fixed service target, win later guest. Objects of a lot of Wu of bedding and clothing after B plans the action express to be bought again or should buy Shenyang to make, obtained the get one’s own back of close-fitting service.

Update cooperative concept, the manufactory is dominant respect, use unit also wants to cooperate actively. Simple business concern is not between supply and demand, however partner. Newer cooperation concept wants by shallow into deep, reach by the watch in, arrive by passivity active.

— , should develop deep administrative levels to cooperate

Want to solve thorny problem truly, participate in with respect to what must have an user, produce the effect of the user adequately in cooperative process, reflect the value of the user. This also should have done 3 businesses jointly:

It is to having the product undertakes transforming, the product that has a problem should be solved as soon as possible more. After be being used through period of time, the user is the important basis that improves a product to the opinion proposal of the product. The manufactory must take this seriously, have the visit to the user seriously. Association of industry of tool of machine tool of the beginning of the year organizes backbone of ten technologists, business to divided a road to visit 29 keys user this year, arrange 30 multinomial issues, did feedback in time to leader plant entirely, ask they come to serve, solve a problem. Current, this one job further development, branch and association are positive also related the country the organization is participated in, asking for user of key industry stress extensively to be opposite the opinion that uses homebred device and requirement.

2 be begin to ask user early days to intervene from the project, participate in the formulate of products plan plan. Let an user participate in the plan formulate of new product, make evaluation to devising plan, this is group of Shenyang machine tool a in serving a process serious content. The user is participated in and publish the product of the opinion adequately, in delivering the goods and using a process often very successful. Produce so need between should begin to cooperate from product development, participate in a design, choose homebred reach entrance form a complete set whole process, this is the cooperative connotation of deep administrative levels.

3 it is to introduce abroad’s advanced equipment and technology jointly. To do well of priority discipline introduce, the manufactory should be become for user factory good give advice, national defence division is versed in appoint enlarging equipment to purchase a directory, strengthen ability to build a respect to also have this one demand, the equipment outside asking manufactory and user factory are buying a nation, introduce the respect such as service of technology, country to have extensive collaboration, accomplish combination to introduce, buy jointly. We not only want an abroad best the most advanced equipment average comes, and should have used, had done jointly digest absorb innovate again the job.

— , want innovation supply demand relations

Innovation supply demand relations has higher administrative levels, more important, more far-reaching sense, expression is 3 respects.

It is conditional manufactory wants with representative typical user establishs strategic partner relationship. The support that does not have user factory does not have the development of machine tool manufacturing industry, the development of the progress that wants an user factory and manufactory considers as whole of a strategy.

Group of Shenyang machine tool considered technically to build the problem that strategic partner concerns with user factory, association of industry of machine tool tool is building issue of strategic partner concern to go up to also have special consideration with user factory. Diesel engine of academy of nuclear industry physics, Jinan production company of engine of aircraft of factory, Chengdu is us the direct car unit of the service, through these units we are OK very fast the main user opinion downstream industry, product requirement makes clear Hunan. Jinan oily factory forms group of the first machine tool and dragon mouth oil pump strategic partner concern has enlightenment very much to us, because equip,content of the important sign that manufacturing industry revitalizes, core is the international competition ability that enhances user of equipment manufacturing industry, the development that does not have an user does not talk about the development of jacket equipment manufacturing industry, more do not talk about jacket equipment manufacturing industry revitalize. The industry wants to study this one issue, strengthen the communication of this respect circumstance, business of a few industries already began to begin to establish the green channel of key user, form strategic alliance, fixed communication develops a case, this is very delectable phenomenon.

2 it is the science and technology that the user shares crucial technology tackles key problem. After the industry determines project of crucial technology, general character technology, tackle key problem the process must want to the user attends. Stress of machine tool industry is produced learn to grind with, among them ” with ” particularly crucial. We must want to have the main partner that unit of a few users tackles key problem as industry science and technology, this is the only way that realizes a certain domain to innovate independently. In other words, the own innovation of machine tool industry must locate using as close together as what make union to go up.

3 it is a joint efforts, strive for occupational worldwide inside the commanding elevation of advanced technique of a certain domain. In a certain specific domain inside machine tool industry, the user factory that wants us only and manufactory try hard hand in hand, some kind of breakthrough on quick implementation technology is completely possible. For example, to the 3 old techniques of current manufacturing industry: Accept rice treatment, intelligence changes a technology, measure without the contact, we are being produced learn to grind with photograph union, make the investment of technology of early days forward position.

Countless facts prove, devoted without early days, without reserve of forward position technology, can stay in from beginning to end only dog model on development mode. From revitalize our country equipment manufacturing industry, revitalize industry of machine tool tool, the height that develops property of numerical control machine tool looks, should come true by dog model to innovation change, with respect to the investment that must want to have research and development of forward position technology, the technology that must make good trade is laid in. Those who need ambitious shift is, this kind of reserve must accomplish the marriage that use and makes, this also is ” 915 ” during revitalize equipment manufacturing industry, develop the serious content with numerical control great and special machine tool.