Parameter of technology of coder of photoelectricity of numerical control machine tool

Product name model allows top rotate speed
(Turn / cent) working power source
·Dc uses up electric current
(Milliampere) answer frequency
(Kilohertz thises) output signal square wave
(Road) signal extent
% · V every turn output pulse number
(P/r) weight (ton) wide × of long × of over all dimension is tall
(Millimeter) the manufacturer is suttle × of LSC50005121524150-2501001-650-8010-54000.30.466 of coder of type of gross weight increment 50 long
× of 75LF50005121524150-2501001-650-8010-540011.266 of × of 50LMA-F50005121524150-2501001-650-8010-540011.266 of factory LMA50005121524150-2501001-650-8010-54000.50.666 × × of LBJ50005121524150-2501001-650-80100-20480.250.438 of 100 miniature coder 62 hands artery develops × of LFA500052507506506000-250000.70.966 of coder of 35 tall pulse generator MG6005-151005270251000.30.468 × × of ZKD-B500052502001250500-25000.250.448 of coder of 60 hollow axes 70 sky of × of LH-S43000525010065010-50000.50.775 of 42 hollow coder × of 32LH-S1250015705028051256170 of × of arbor coder LHR500055020012501000-50000.20.335 55