The Italy of bed of large scale computer is traditional

Tacchi Giacomo&Figli S.p.A. Held water 1926. Obtain striking progress from this: Since since 1994, they had obtained IS09000 attestation, begin the work according to system of this one quality all the time. 2000 in December, they bought Fonderia Del Sempione S.r.l. control sex share. This is the investment of meaning of a rich strategy, allow their monitoring thereby a crucial supplier in whole manufacturing cycle. 2001, tacchi Giacomo&FigliS.p.A. Started to expand the plan of its capital construction, this plan includes the whole new structure that a finished product assembles, one multilayer full automatic storehouse, the redeploy of new office and factory gate.

During April 2003, the company passed new UNI EN ISO9001 smoothly: 2000 standards (the quality system that is called Vision 2000) normally upgrades the assessment of attestation examine and verify.

The organization that intensive changes

Tacchi Giacomo&The main distinguishing feature of Figli S.p.A.l is its peculiar intensive changes perpendicular organization. In this organization means, all things, from cast main element (also be the heaviest component) , serve remotely perhaps to application software interiorly management. This offerred a lot of advantage, e.g. : Maintain and center classics year of accumulative total ” technical knowledge ” ; Control the quality of finished product and component effectively; Satisfy the about consign clause on bond; Continuously monitoring produces cost; Assure to be supplied of fittings quickly; Below the case that malfunctions in the machine, pass the long-distance service that the modem provides.

For afore-mentioned purposes, tacchi Giacomo&Figli S.p.A. Established a brand-new constituent configuration. According to the flow that decides beforehand, the many different domains that this structure is differentiated to be contacted each other, give through computer network real time detects.

Suit the machine of each domain

Tacchi Giacomo&Fiqli S.p.A, production applies at the accurate and heavy-duty machine tool of each domains: Metallurgical industry (turning roller machine tool and use at large size to forging the machine) of the component, papermaking industry, general and heavy-duty machine tool, spaceflight industry (device of engine main shaft, rise and fall, ” propeller ” wait for) , generate electricity equipment () of crock of turbine runner, dynamo, hydraulic pressure, marine industry () of airscrew axis, brace axis, plastic industry (crowded make) of connecting rod of bolt, plastic room, tool set, oil industry (wall casing, pipe fittings, get) of annulus, kelly, Christmas tree, valve industry, large lathe mixes special type general deep aperture boring machine.