2 machine tools reap benefit management of work norm of countrywide mechanical industry is advanced and collective

From aid company of 2 machine tools understands, 2 machine tools have the honor to win aid the 2013 year that committee of technology of standardization of fixed number of persons of work norm of countrywide mechanical industry issues are advanced and collective. The whole nation shares 28 units selected, shandong saves those who obtain this special honour to have 2 only.

Work norm management is the main component of company production management, it is the important basis of the resource such as reasonable arrangement person, money, content. Come for years, aid 2 adding field of work norm management to do a large number of works, level of treatment man-hour quota refines treatment labor situation, level of the quota when ship-fitter refines process, outside be unifinication assist standard of the treatment, data when assembling production to offer accurate class, get used to a product to specialization the demand that produces an organization.

Accuse those who machine a machine tool to increase as number, the demand that makes to man-hour norm is higher, to ensure level of quota of man-hour of treatment of numerical control machine tool is more scientific and reasonable, aid 2 use first ” analytic type pushs disperse data to go out nonlinear function ” computation is formulary, be used at man-hour quota level make with management, completed bid of machinist trade association appoint the task making bid of meeting make known to lower levels, will have promotion application as occupation standard.

Jinan limited company of group of 2 machine tools is one furniture the large and mechanical equipment that more than 70 years of grumous innovation and enterprising consciousness, culture are accumulated creates a company. At present aid group of 2 machine tools already was Chinese dimensions facility of the largest v of heavy-duty numerical control and gold of large numerical control cut machine tool research and development to create base, chinese machinist job 100 strong, v industry is gotten army enterprise, be known as ” 3 favorable opposition of world press one of equipment manufacturer ” .

It is reported, aid the home market of big, heavy-duty mechanical compressor has 2 machine tools rate amount to 70% above, offerred product line of hundreds large punch and on 1000 heavy-duty and mechanical compressor for domestic auto industry and other industry, have many 400 (set) product fill country is blank, be known as ” the equipment ministry of Chinese auto industry ” .

Since 1997, provide product line of more than 10 punch for world-renowned Motor Corporation, have complete intellectual property at beginning to be exported to market of American high end 2001 with multitask the heavy-duty and mechanical compressor that compressor is a delegate, the product sells as far as to 50 many countries and area.