Day look forward to builds product line of the 4th compressor to be replaced in order to forging in the beauty cast

Iron of new day of business of production of Japanese iron and steel and stay in friendly metal company (NSSMC) says, its and the Inc. of crankshaft of international of joint-stock subsidiary Japan that stay in firm of friendly trade issue (ICI) plan builds to forging newly in the United States compressor product line.

ICI already was in the United States operation 20 years, run 3 to forging at present compressor product line, year produce nearly 2.7 million tons of crankshaft in order to satisfy the requirement with driving North America. ICI already decided to add the 4th to forging now compressor product line. After setting of product line of the 4th punch is finished, productivity will be added to about 1.5 times current, achieve 4 million / year.

NSSMC says, sale of North America car predicts future will grow 7% 5 years. Japan and Korea car manufacturer are changing the United States to the market. Because forging crankshaft is smaller, improved engine performance, fuel efficiency Yi Genggao, 3 car manufacturer that are located in Detroit are forginging cast-iron crankshaft instead crankshaft.