Echelon whorl is machined in the gearshift turning on numerical control lathe

Echelon whorl plug guage

  We know, in workpiece of whorl of echelon of the turning on numerical control lathe, the exterior surface roughness of whorl cannot assure well when high speed turning, the requirement that short of machines, efficiency of the production when low speed turning very low, and turn into from high speed directly whorl random tooth can be brought about when low speed turning. Oneself pass a test, the random tooth problem when gearshift turning can use a kind of simple and practical method to try to solve, turning of higher rotate speed can be used first when turning whorl, reoccupy low speed comes fine vehicle and Xiu Guang, improved manufacturing efficiency thereby, assured the dimension precision of whorl and exterior surface roughness well.

The method of whorl of echelon of 1. gearshift turning

  Below in order to machine × of echelon whorl Tr36 6 for exemple, if the introduction wheres whorl of echelon of turning of the gearshift on the numerical control lathe of CST980T system. The echelon whorl workpiece of turning is shown 1 times like the graph.

  Because the pitch of this echelon whorl is lesser, can use inclined machine into tie-in knife law, because of the G76 whorl cutting of GSK980T system compound loop dictates even if with inclined enter means feed, reason can use G76 statement, the process designing when whorl of thick car echelon is as follows, surplus of vehicle of put apart fine.

G00 X40 Z-20;

G76 P010030 Q80 R0.05;

G76 X29 Z-85 P3500 Q100 F6;

G00 X200 Z50;

  After thick car is finished, if move rotate speed low speed to call car of original order essence directly right now, random tooth of regular meeting, produce collapse blade or bump into car accident, reason we should solve problem of lathe tool random tooth before low speed turning. Considering low speed

  Rate of feed of the lathe tool when turning is very slow, we can observe with naked eye whether lathe tool of the whorl when turning and chamfer of whorl tooth form are aimed, specific operation method is as follows:

  (1) changes workpiece coordinate to fasten, make workpiece surface is not contacted when whorl of lathe tool car, will thick lathe tool stops in positional X200 Z50 to be in after thick car, carry out after typing G50 X192 of the input below means right now, transformed coordinate department namely, be equivalent to fastening coordinate square of axis of origin edge X to shift 4mm, be more than the space with an expensive tooth a bit namely. Move rotate speed of lathe main shaft right now low, if move 25r/min, run a program afresh, thick lathe tool is less than the car workpiece surface, the position that nearing workpiece surface is mobile. If pursue,2 are shown.

  (The echelon snail groove that 2) makes lathe tool and car go is opposite afresh, because rate of lathe tool feed is very slow, right now we can see lathe tool and former the echelon snail groove that the car goes is not of coincide, lathe tool deflection a paragraph of small distance, if the graph is shown 2 times, the echelon snail groove that the purpose should make lathe tool aims a car to go out afresh namely. It is same that the principle of the operation follows in whorl of bull of the turning on numerical control lathe, the axial start position before passing turning of change whorl lathe tool namely will achieve a goal, revise the Z-20 in afore-mentioned block G00 X40 Z-20 namely. We can need space of adjustment big deeply touched through naked eye judgement, be like but first Z-20 instead – 21, after moving program, groove still does not have the echelon whorl that discovers lathe tool and car go to be opposite completely. Revise Z cost again, run a program afresh, be opposite completely till lathe tool and echelon snail groove. If pursue,3 are shown.

  (3) restores original workpiece coordinate to fasten, begin precision work Understand to facilitate and make mistake not easily, will still lathe tool moves X200 Z50 position, in type means to fall, executive G50 X208, the workpiece coordinate with original rehabilitate is, run a program afresh, OK whorl of echelon of vehicle of low speed fine. The method that the axial start position before passing turning of afore-mentioned change whorl lathe tool also is when fine vehicle will write the two profile of smooth echelon whorl, pass at the same time measure, the number that controls cutting makes whorl achieves the requirement of dimension precision.

  Through the experiment, when the revolution gloomy in high speed and low speed turning is secured, the displacement of deflection of lathe tool need is fixed, had this data, blade dies in lathe tool after, or when after wearing away, needing to change a knife, need not use repeat tone to make move again, it is directly when vehicle of low speed fine the start deflection car whorl is corresponding the position is OK. Article place lifts those who machine example to be in factory of machine tool of Guangzhou numerical control to call lathe of CJK61352ACNC numerical control to be finished, it is to lathe tool of snail of the echelon when 25r/min from 560r/min gearshift when rotate speed of lathe main shaft on Z axis need 1.8mm of deflection of towards the left.

  The axial start position before if be in,wanting the ground to change turning of whorl lathe tool of course will write the two profile of smooth echelon whorl, manufacturing efficiency will be reduced greatly, to solve this problem, we can control echelon whorl two lateral to machine a process to make up two subprograms respectively, when be being called every time, make 0.1mm of deflection of lathe tool axial, hit the point tries to need to call the number of the subprogram certainly in first of workpiece, enroll whole treatment process thereby among the program, can move automatically all the time from the lathe when processing the 2nd work namely go down, be machined till workpiece eligible.

Echelon whorl gauge

The implementation of whorl of echelon of 2. gearshift turning on lathe of simple and easy numerical control

  Because wholer like a few functions such as GSK980T, FANUC-OTE numerical control system has the existence of compound instruction to make process designing becomes simpler, but do not have such function however on lathe of a few homebred economy numerical control. At this moment we are OK will firm inclined the thick car course that takes a way makes up a subprogram, every call lathe tool to be on X axis and Z axis feed is apart from small paragraph one, try hit the point to decide the subprogram needs the time that is called by the main program in first. After thick car is finished, still narrate a method to debug with the place in article go out to turn into from high speed thick car the displacement that lathe tool of the whorl after vehicle of low speed fine needs axial to move, invent process of treatment of lateral of left and right sides of fine vehicle whorl into the subprogram respectively again, call in the main program can.

3. a few note

  (Cutting juice is added when 1) cutting, look to whether want to add a center according to the circumstance.

  (2) lathe tool turns into from high speed low speed hind should aim echelon whorl chamfer strictly, want when the operation careful and serious, cannot careless. Can use the method that restores coordinate department stage by stage, divide corrective lathe tool namely, make progressively turning goes to lathe tool ministry of tooth bottom land.

  (The knife head width of thick lathe tool of essence of 3) echelon whorl cannot differ too big, the meeting after changing a knife otherwise makes cutting surplus too large, produce the problem such as collapse row.

  (4) the whorl to a few big pitch, rotate speed of the main shaft when turning cannot exorbitant, want the highest feed rate of referenced machine tool, can happen otherwise miss the issue such as the pace.

4. conclusion

  Effective treatment proves, above is on numerical control lathe the method of whorl of gearshift turning echelon is practical, and obtained very good treatment result. If the method that waits to need a thick car feed only to whorl of triangle of additionally a few big pitch, worm is inclined into law, statified feed law make up a subprogram, debug go out to turn into from high speed thick car after the lathe tool after vehicle of low speed fine needs the displacement with mobile axial, also write profile of left and right sides of fine vehicle whorl into the subprogram respectively, in the main program its call the lieutenant general to be able to complete treatment.